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In Conversation with Stephanie Burgis – Author of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Hello RWYK family! In our exciting interview today, we’re delighted to feature a fantasy writer, history geek, chocolate addict! Author of fun, funny MG fantasy adventures & wildly romantic historical fantasy novels for adults Stephanie Burgis. 

Stephanie is joining us to talk about her wonderful middle-grade fantasy fiction The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart. This book is all about Magic, Adventure, and Chocolate, Too…

So Here’s an effervescently deep conversation between our beloved children’s book author and our host Jed Doherty and a very talented guest Stephanie Burgis. Listen in as they discuss “The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart”, the inspiration behind this story, why does Stephanie write for young readers and how that differs from writing for adults. We also talk about Stephanie’s love for chocolate and Dragons, the importance of encouraging children to have a dream about their future and some important advice for parents in supporting their kid’s career dreams.

If you love books, magic, chocolate and a fierce dragon, this is an interview which you will definitely want to listen. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, tune in and let the conversation begin!


Here’s more information about Stephanie Burgis

Stephanie BurgisStephanie Burgis grew up in America but now lives in Wales, surrounded by castles and coffee shops, with her husband (fellow writer Patrick Samphire), their two young sons, and their extremely vocal tabby cat. In between those two points, she spent time playing in orchestras, studying music history in Vienna, and editing the website of an opera company in northern England.

She writes fun, funny MG fantasy adventures for kids and wildly romantic historical fantasy novels for adults.

You can keep up with her new releases, read exclusive short stories and get sneak peeks at upcoming works by signing up for her newsletter:

Her KAT, INCORRIGIBLE trilogy of Regency fantasy adventures for kids (which includes a follow-up YA novella, “Courting Magic”) is being followed by a sparkling, chocolate-infused new MG fantasy series from Bloomsbury Books, beginning with THE DRAGON WITH A CHOCOLATE HEART in 2017.

Her first historical fantasy novel for adults, MASKS, AND SHADOWS, was included on the 2016 Locus Recommended Reading List. It was followed by another standalone romantic historical fantasy, CONGRESS OF SECRETS, later in the same year.

She has also published nearly thirty short stories for adults in various magazines and anthologies.


More about The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

The Dragon with a Chocolate HeartWhen fierce young dragon Aventurine is tricked into drinking enchanted hot chocolate, she’s horrified to find herself transformed into a puny, blunt-toothed, wingless human girl. But she’s still a dragon on the inside, and her instincts – combined with her new-found passion for chocolate – take her to the Chocolate Heart, a quirky chocolate house in need of help (and customers). Still, it will take all her courage, lots of chocolate and perhaps a little magic to learn to be her true self…


Click the Amazon link below to get your copy of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart for a magical story that will keep you turning the pages!


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Stephanie reading a chapter from The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart
  • What was Stephanie’s inspiration for writing this middle-grade fantasy book
  • What would Stephanie like her readers to remember most about her book
  • What she has to say to middle graders who are currently at school and thinking about their career and their passion?
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart
  • What is she currently working on, her future projects and much more…Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!


A big Thank You to Stephanie for talking to us and sharing her passion of writing with our listeners!



Where to find more info about Stephanie Burgis and her work:

Visit her website:

Connect with Stephanie on her social media





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