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In Conversation with Shawn P. B. Robinson, author of “Arestana: The Key Quest (Arestana Series Book 1)”

Hey, hey, hey!!! So excited to meet ya’ll. ReadingWithYourKids! is back with another episode of quality podcasting with your favorite authors and illustrators!

In this episode of the Podcast,  we’re talking about a new hilarious adventure story for kids titled Arestana: The Key Quest. This book is written by Shawn P. B. Robinson is coming out for ages 10-14 is one to grab your attention and keep you reading all the way to the end.

In this captivating interview, Shawn tells us how he started to write this novel while laying in the hospital with a deadly disease, wondering if
he would live to see the book’s completion. In the midst of the tragedy and fear, Shawn was able to pour his own positive outlook and sense of humor onto each of the pages. Tune in for all the great insights into Arestana: The Key Quest and the future series! 


A note from Shawn P. B. Robinson

Shawn P. B. RobinsonI love to write humor and adventure and I think they mix quite well together. I hope you enjoy the Arestana and Jerry the Squirrel series and I think you’ll find yourself hooked in no time.

Shawn P. B. Robinson, or as his friends call him, “Shawn P. B. Robinson,” has been writing and telling stories for many years, but only for family and small groups. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, a potentially deadly illness changed all that. As he lay in the hospital, wondering if he would live or die (spoiler alert, he lived), he started to write Arestana: The Key Quest.

It wasn’t long before two other books (and an off-shoot) were written and he was moving toward exposing the world to his strange and odd sense of humor. As you read and leave five-star reviews, think of the joy you are bringing to Shawn P. B. Robinson (or “Shawn P. B. Robinson” for short) and to his whole family who no longer has to bear the full weight of listening to his stories alone.

More about Arestana: The Key Quest

Arestana: The Key QuestThirteen-year-old Liam finds himself pulled from his world into a strange new world with swords, soldiers, dragons and one dangerous chicken. The kingdom is without its king and unless Liam steps up, completes a quest, and helps appoint a new king, he will never make it back home again.
Join Liam in this hilarious, captivating, and edge-of-your-seat adventure story. This story will grab even a reluctant reader’s attention. Perfect for fans of both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!


Grab a copy of Arestana: The Key Quest today and we’re sure your young reader will definitely want to keep the pages turning to find out what happens next to Liam!


In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • More about Arestana: The Key Quest
  • Shawn believes that reading is something each child should be encouraged to do, and there is no reason for reading should be anything less than an “edge of your seat” adventure.
  • He explains how Arestana has also led to a spin-off book of short stories (Jerry the Squirrel: Volume One), based on one of the characters in the second book in the series, Arestana Book II: The Defense Quest.
  • What is Shawn currently working on and much more..


A big thank you to Shawn P. B. Robinson for joining us and for sharing his wonderful stories with us!


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