“Bully Me Not: My Faith Saved Me” by Forlanda Anderson

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Meet Forlanda Anderson, a motivational speaker & an author of “Bully Me Not: My Faith Saved Me”

Happy Sunday listeners!

Please join us in welcoming Forlanda Anderson to our brand NEW edition of the Reding with Your Kids podcast. Floranda is an author and motivational speaker born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Floranda is joining us today to talk about the latest book Bully Me Not: My Faith Saved Me in her children’s book series titled Bully Me Not.

In our extended conversation with Floranda, we speak on various topics including her newest book, the inspiration behind the story, how parents are children’s most important teachers, importance of teaching kids not to bully and how to arm your children against bullying, some tips, and advice for parents on how to teach valuable lessons to kids at home. Be sure to tune in to this insightful episode!



About Forlanda Danesta Anderson

Forlanda Danesta AndersonMs. Anderson is a down south God-fearing woman with intentions to inspire women in today’s society to be all that they can be and to wear their crowns despite difficult challenges, hardships, and the ways of society. Her goal is to motivate other’s to become fearless and to empower women to become the best version of themselves by promoting self-love and self-confidence while living their best lives and cultivating their purpose.
She strives to make a difference by creating a generation of strong and courageous women who aren’t afraid to go after every dream and goal that they have set for their lives. Her hope is for women to wake up each day knowing that their life has a wonderful purpose waiting to be fulfilled.

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Learn more about “Bully Me Not: My Faith Saved Me”

Bully Me Not: My Faith Saved MeThomas is a fifth-grader who loves to learn, but not just at school. When Thomas goes home, his mind is like a sponge. He soaks up everything he could possibly learn so that he could grow up to be like his parents. One thing he enjoys most is spending time with his family at home. He has many friends and shows himself very confident.

But when things get a little rocky at school, Thomas has to use what he learned at home, along with his confidence, to get himself out of a sticky situation.


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A big thank you to Forlanda Anderson for joining us and for sharing her wonderful book with us!


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