Annie Aardvark, Mathematician

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Annie Aardvark, Mathematician

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Featuring Suzie Olsen

Suzie Olsen is an Engineer, Writer & the author of Annie Aardvark, Mathematician, a fun, educational children’s book about a young aardvark named Annie. Suzie is joining us today to talk about her passion for Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math (STEM) outreach. She is an active member and volunteer in various professional engineering organisations in the Phoenix area. According to the US Census Bureau’s 2009 American Community Survey (ACS), women comprise just 24 percent of STEM workers (in the US). The percentage of minorities in STEM is even lower. With a passion for encouraging students–especially girls and minorities–to consider careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields, she taps into the hearts and minds of the youngest readers by providing this simple counting story written in a systematic style.

Tune in as Suzie shares her insight on writing picture books which depicts the lead characters as a female STEM professionals- to encourage all children, specifically girls and minorities, to consider careers in STEM.

Stay tuned as she also talks about her book Annie Aardvark, Mathematician. The story in her book follows Annie, an Aardvark who loves math, on her daily foraging. As Annie sets out on her forage, she decides to count everything she encounters. She zigs and zags through the landscape, stopping to use her nose and tongue to count objects. The effect is amusing sounds as she counts and forages. Suzie recommends this book for anyone who wants to get the kids in their life to pursue STEM or really anyone who enjoys making silly sounds. Get your copy of Annie Aardvark, Mathematician on AMAZON to find out would Annie be able to find ten of something? 

Be sure to listen as Suzie talks about being a female engineer, promoting diversity in STEM professions & getting kids interested in STEM subjects and promoting further learning. We are sure you will love this episode & you would love to Join Annie on her math adventure!Happy Listening!

Suzie is currently working on many projects and gave us a small sneak peek by telling us that her next children’s picture book will feature a gopher based on a female computer scientist. You can learn more about her upcoming books by visiting her website. 

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