Binky the Space Cat

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Binky the Space Cat

Book by Ashley Spires

Review by Fatima Khan, Associate Producer,

I absolutely loved reading this book!!

It is a funny story of Binky, a house cat who has never left the family “space station”(his house). But unlike other house cats, Binky has a mission to blast off into outer space(outside his house) and explore unknown places and battle aliens(bugs). Binky trains himself very hard so that he can compete with alien who attacks and threaten his humans. After days of training, he receives his certificate of being an official “Space Cat”. Binky builds his spaceship and he has to be extremely careful with his mission as enemy is always watching and he has to keep his mission a secret.

Binky’s spaceship is now ready and he is all prepared to go into outer space. but just as he’s about to blast off with his co- pilot, Ted(stuffed mousie), Binky realises that he has left something very important behind. Binky feels like something is missing. He is sure he has packed everything but then he realises something very important is not in his list and it is the most important thing of all, “His Humans”!!He realises that if he leaves without them then who will protect them from alien invaders so he decides to cancel his mission and stay back with his humans as he thinks they are utterly helpless without him.

I fell in love with this super cute house cat Binky. He is cute & charming throughout the book and one day I would like to have a house cat as adorable as him. This book is perfect for kids who are moving from easy readers to early chapter books. Illustrations used are easy to follow and has great humour in it. some of the illustrations are so funny that I could not stop laughing.

Overall, a cute & fun book that even as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend for any cat lover !

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