So You Want to Know About Economics

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So You Want to Know About Economics

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview With Roopa Pai

What do you do when you have to sit down with your child and explain the facts of life? Children growing up today face a much steeper learning curve than either baby boomers or millennials. In fact, child development experts now say that increasing expectations in school and in the workplace mean that kids need to start internalising basic emotional, cultural and economic norms at an earlier age.

In today’s episode, Author Roopa Pai joins us from Bangalore, India to talk about her new book So You Want to Know About Economics which is aimed at kids but good for adults too to brush up their basic concepts of economics.

Roopa is an engineer who went on to a career in something entirely else. With over 20 published books – including the 8-part series ‘Taranauts‘, India’s first fantasy-adventure series in English, and last year’s national bestseller ‘The Gita For Children’ – she is one of India’s best-known children’s writers. She is also a part of the founding team of “BangaloreWalks“, an initiative that organises walking tours in various parts of Bangalore, India. Roopa currently resides in Bangalore with her husband and two kids.

Have you ever wondered why doesn’t the government simply print more money so that everyone has enough? Who decides that seventy Indian rupees equal one American dollar? How do you figure out what to price a glass of lemonade at the School fair? Are economists really as boring as they look? For answers to these and other mystifying questions, look no further than So You Want to Know About Economics

Listen as Roopa talks about her book & takes us through the world of economics by explaining basic concepts of macroeconomics and microeconomics. She mentions that her book is full of accurate real-life examples that explain concepts in economics. In short,  she suggests So You Want to Know About Economics  is a must read treat for both kids and adults. Even if you’re not curious about economics, pick up this book and economics may become your new obsession!

Stay tuned as Roopa discusses her wonderful & best selling book The Gita: For Children and elaborates it is a retelling of the Bhagavad Gita( a 700-verse Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Hindu Epic Mahabharata) with a focus on teenagers. This book has simplified the lessons using examples of daily young adult life and tried to keep the religious concepts as simple as possible. It gives a beautiful message of doing your duty with single minded focus and great sincerity, without worrying about the results of the work.

Hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did! Be sure to listen!

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