Time To Help Launch Eddie’s Alien Adventures

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Time To Launch Eddie’s Alien Adventures

We are happy to welcome author Andre CW to the Reading With Our Kids Podcast to tell us about his Kickstarter Campaign to fund his fun and exciting “Eddie’s Alien Adventure” Picture Book.

This is a wonderful children’s book about a lonely boy named Eddie who struggles to find a best friend. Struggling to find a best friend Eddie uses his imagination to escape the real world. But soon Eddie can’t see where his imagination ends and the real world begins as he goes on an adventure into outer space with aliens and UFOs. This is a timely story of friendship and loneliness that many kids and families can relate too.

We really enjoyed our chat with Andre and we love this Kickstarter project. Andre has a unique vision for his Eddie series. He plans to create a follow up middle grade book and YA title. His goal is to create characters and adventures that will grow with the readers.

Andre invites all of our listeners to read the first half of “Eddie’s Alien Adventure” for free. There is a link at the Kickstarter page to have the first half of the book emailed directly to your email address.

We are big fans of great crowdfunding campaigns. We love that we are living in an age where we have tools like Kickstarter that open up all sorts of possibilities for authors, artists and other creative people. We also believe that crowdfunding campaigns can be a great way for a family to help their kids develop a sense of empowerment and pride. Just think how excited your child will be when a project your family supports becomes a reality. And we love the rewards that Andre CW’s Eddie’s Alien Adventure Campaign is offering. Everything from ebooks, autographed books, even Eddie PJ’s!

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting campaign you have to act today. The campaign ends on June 28, 2018!

We think you will love listening to Andre. He is passionate about this story and project.

You can learn more and support the campaign by visiting his Kickstarter page by clicking this link.

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