Dear Mousse: Horseplay and Homophones: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Dear Mousse: Horseplay and Homophones by Victoria hudson:Book Review – RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ

Congratulations to Victoria Hudson!!

Dear Mousse: Horseplay and Homophones is our latest certified great read!



Dear Mousse: Horseplay and HomophonesSee versus sea. Whole versus hole. Bear versus bare. These are homophones, words that sound alike but have different meanings. Homophones can be tricky for children learning how to read, but with Dear Mousse: Horseplay and Homophones, differentiating between words that sound similar is fun! With help from a knight who’s scared of the dark, a horse with a head cold, and other goofy characters, this engaging and educational book uses short rhyming stories to help young readers understand homophones. Whether you’re an elementary school teacher, a parent of a young child, or simply someone who loves wordplay, this clever book is the one for you!



Are you a classroom teacher or a homeschooler, and always looking for ways to make grammar easy and fun for kids? Look no further. Our latest certified great read, Dear Mousse: Horseplay and Homophones is an excellent language learning resource. Written by Victoria Hudson, this incredible picture book presents the concepts of homophones in a way that your students will never be the same again. Homophones are words that sound alike but their spellings and meanings are different. Each rhythmic, funny story in the book is accompanied by colorful and comical illustrations of  adorable animals like bear, moose, horse, rabbit and more. The final pages include a glossary with more homophones with their meanings for kids to explore and create their own story.

Dear Mousse: Horseplay and Homophones is a playful picture book that introduces children to the richness of language through the concept of homophones. For easy identification, each homophone in this book can be easily spotted as they are highlighted in bold letters. The writing style is great for young kids. There is not much on each page so you can read through it in one sitting easily. The illustrations along with the homophones help you to understand the message that is being told. Be it as simple as a Bear (an animal) is Bare (Lacking a covering; naked) to the more complex soar ( To fly aloft or about) or Sore (Causing pain or distress). This makes an excellent teaching tool that pairs both the words and the visuals to help explain the differences. Told in rhyme, you and your kids will find yourself learning and laughing to the story that is being told.

Overall, this book is adorable, hilarious, and educational. Great for all ages, but more suitable for Kindergarten and up. What a fun way to learn about language and how silly English can be.




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