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Reading With Your Kids Podcast Featuring Linda Harkey, author of “Hickory Doc’s Tales”

Today, we’re absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to introduce Linda Harkey, author of children’s book series Hickory Doc’s Tales.

Hickory Doc's Tales Series by Linda Harkey

Hickory Docs Tales is an exciting story told from a hunting dog’s point of view.

Listen in Linda Harkey have a heart to heart conversation with Jed about her book & shares some of her thoughts on writing this lovely little gem of a book. Linda also explains how Hickory Doc’s Tales is sure to help young readers transition to chapter books. Be sure to join in for all the fun!


About the Author

Linda HarkeyLinda Harkey is a past teacher and an enthusiastic hunting dog owner for over 30 years.  She has spent around 22 years working as a volunteer docent at two outstanding museums in Oklahoma – The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Center (5 yrs) and most recently The Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art (17 yrs).  She has been involved as a docent with the writing of curricula for children’s programs.  This has given her the ability to teach elementary children about art, history, animals, and nature.  Harkey is the author of a magazine article for the American Kennel Club Gazette titled A Team Effort published August, 2004.

She was featured in the OKC Pets Magazine, Oklahoma City, OK, and the TULSA Pets Magazine,  Tulsa, OK, both the March/April 2018 issues.  The title’s Hickory Docs Tales (A children’s book promoting love for pet, wildlife, and reading, Wisdom From The Pack.  She was featured in Story Monsters Ink Magazine, October, 2018.  The title was “Linda Harkey Pens a Tail-Wagging Chapter Book Series”.

Linda has also authored four children’s books, The Budding Staff (2005), Hickory Docs Tales (2017), The Remarkable Story of Willie the Crow (2018), and Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds (2019).  She has two children (Owen and Morgan), one daughter-in-law (Carrie), and three grandchildren (Austin, Averie, and Alec), along with dogs.  She lives with her husband (Michael) on Ocate Mesa in New Mexico.


New additions to Linda Harkey’s Doc’s Dog Days series are available on her website! Continue the adventures of Doc and the gang by clicking on the link below!



Learn more about Hickory Doc’s Tales 

His official name is Chicoree’s Hickory Doc, and he can trace his family tree back to a sapling in Germany. The oldest and wisest of five, he lives at The Lazy Dog Hacienda kennels on Shorthair Boulevard in Oklahoma. Folks just call him “Doc.”

In Hickory Docs Tales, Doc shares a host of humorous stories from his important role as a hunting dog, and he narrates what life is like at the kennel. He tells tales about his adventures and mishaps with porcupines and cactus and of relationships with humans, other animals, and his tight-knit family of dogs.

Geared toward elementary school readers, Hickory Docs Tales helps youth transition to chapter books, and it encourages a host of creative writing opportunities and exercises.

You can buy a copy of Hickory Doc’s Tales at



In this episode of theReading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • What “Hickory Docs Tales is all about?
  • What inspired the story and the title of Linda’s book?
  • What kind of experience did Linda want to share with kids through Hickory Docs Tales
  • Being an experienced educator and teacher, Linda tells us how important it is to read with kids every single day
  • What does she hope that readers will gain from reading series?
  • How is the joy that she experienced being  a teacher different from being a children’s books author
  • Where can people find more information about Linda Harkey’s books?


Thanks so much for talking with us, Linda Harkey!


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Have a beautiful and blessed weekend ahead!

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