August Newsletter

Welcome to the Reading With Your Kids Newsletter. In the last month, we’ve talked to a lot of fantastic authors, and we have even more coming up on the schedule. Read along to see what we’ve got coming up.

What’s Coming Up on Reading With Your Kids?

We have a lot of exciting authors coming up on the schedule, so here’s a sneak preview of what we have on the docket for the next few weeks.

Jessica Speer – Middle School–Safety Goggles Advised – August 2

Our 1500th episode will be released on August 8

Mika Song – Pizza My Heart  – August 9

Author, filmmaker, and videogame writer Nic Yulo – August 12

Speech and Language Therapist Steph Winkeler – August 19

What you might have missed in July

National recording artist Rhett Miller

Former White House correspondent Ben Feller

Barbara Tibbetts – Look Book Scavenger Hunt series

Live from Home School Convention Part Two

STEM With Your Kids

Are you looking for something to do as a family? We’re here to help. This month’s family activity is “Water Balloon Painting” from 100 Easy STEAM Activities by Andrea Scalzo Yi. Whether you’re looking to create some art out of unconventional materials or you’re just trying to kill some time on a summer day, this activity is for your family. If you enjoy this activity, be sure to check out the full book, which is out now through Page Street Publishing.


  • Water Balloons
  • Water
  • 1 large roll of easel paper or butcher paper
  • 4 large rocks
  • Washable tempera paints
  • Containers to hold the paint (big enough to dip the water balloons into them)


Fill up a few balloons with water. Try not to fill them too full, as you don’t want them to burst while you’re painting them (although the chance that they may burst makes it all the more fun). Lay the paper down on the ground and secure the corners with rocks so the wind doesn’t blow the paper away. Add your paint to the containers. Dip a balloon in some paint and start painting on the paper. There are lots of different ways to use the balloons. Try rolling, spinning, dabbing, and swirling them in loops to make beautiful patterns on the paper. Allow the artwork to completely dry before moving it.



The Reading with Your Kids Podcast offers several promotions to help celebrate your book with the world. With a network of over 95,000 followers on social media and walking billboards nationwide, RWYK provides a great opportunity to help advertise your work. For inquiries about any of our programs, email or go to and click on the “authors click here” button at the top of the page.

Author Highlight

This month, we’d like to highlight our friend, Dr. Michael Waters. We got the chance to talk about school visits, civil rights landmarks, and intergenerational storytelling. To read the full profile, go to


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