Meet Annie Lynn, Singer/Songwriter, Musician and Teacher!!

Meet Annie Lynn, Singer/Songwriter, Musician and Teacher!! post thumbnail image

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Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview – Annie Lynn

Hey everyone,

We’re still not sure how to put words around this conversation. It was just so so good. And fun (of course). Children’s singer/songwriter Annie Lynn and our host Jed Doherty knock into a lot of topics- children’s literature, Kidlit Songs, No time for Hate song,  just to name a few and you’re going to love and respect this songwriter, singer, song composer, and friend by the time we’re done.

Annie’s music has also been featured on national radio (both children’s and adult)cable and network television, as well as in radio commercials, and one fine rodeo in Texas!

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and tune in for all the great insights!


Learn more about Annie Lynn

Annie Lynn, President and Chief Composer at  AnnieBirdd Music, LLC, began writing songs when she was 14 years old, while acting in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” with the Germantown Theater Guild in Philadelphia. Asked to write “a nature song” by the show’s director, Annie wrote “Listen,” and the song and the show were subsequently filmed and shown on CBS. “I remember being this excited 14 year old kid, so psyched that the first song I had ever written was on TV,” Annie reflects now. “If someone had told me that 30 years later, I’d be recording that song with my own child, I would have laughed! Now I have whole communities of school-aged children singing my own choruses back at me, and it really is a great feeling….”

Before becoming a professional songwriter, Annie taught music in K-5th grade, in Pennsylvania.

As a singer/songwriter, she performed in area clubs throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Annie has also worked previously as a performer/educator for Prescription Music, a music education touring company dedicated to preserving traditional folk music.

AnnieBirdd Music supplies schools, choirs, homeschoolers, non-profits and media outlets with curriculum-based songs. Annie Lynn & Chris Arms hold thirteen international songwriting competition awards. Their songs have been translated into several languages and ASL. Available for #kidlit song consultation or to hire.

To find the song right for your group, go to (practice videos and lyrics here) ; (TO BUY CD OR DIGITAL DOWNLOADS)


In this episode,

  • When did Annie first start writing kidlit songs?
  • What was the first song she recalls singing (or playing)?
  • Where does she get the inspirations for her songs?
  • More about her 6 Time Award Winning Song  “No Time For Hate” that has enjoyed 14 weeks in the Top 10 Children’s Genre. It is the feature song of Annie Lynn and Chris Arms’ upcoming ep, “NO TIME FOR HATE AND OTHER SONGS FOR SCHOOLS.”
  • What is she currently working on and much more…


Thank you, Annie, for taking the time to share your story and music with us!


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Thanks for tuning in and have a pleasant day😆


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