Introducing “One Heart” by Mrs. Tara Drouin!

Introducing “One Heart” by Mrs. Tara Drouin! post thumbnail image

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast ft. Tara Drouin & Ted Cooper

My gosh,  so excited to bring you this corker of an episode. In this ginormously long conversation we talk mega deep with the outstandingly talented and awesome children’s book author Tara Drouin!

The author Tara Drouin is a singer/songwriter and bass player. She performs with her husband and her brother in the band Iridesense. Come listen in as Tara tells us about how she sort of ‘fell into’ writing this super amazing book named One Heart. We also talk book publishing, her experience of growing up in a family that played musical instruments and how music was embedded in her life at a young age. Tara was inspired to write the song “One Heart” that incorporates her experiences with diversity from being a teacher, a mom, and musician. Tune in to learn

We also have a special guest for you. Tune in to hear this young reviewer from Vietnam named Ted Cooper! He is joining us to talk about his favorite children’s book The 13- Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton. Ted and Jed also chat about some other stuff. Fun!

Overall, this is among the stronger episodes in the Reading With Your Kids library, if you ask us. It is refreshing, thoughtful, funny, and certainly entertaining.


Here’s some information about Tara Drouin

Tara Drouin

More about One Heart

One Heart

One Heart is all about diversity, and acceptance. It explores the reality of our differences. We all look different on the outside, such as different hair color, skin color, and eye color. We even like different things. “If you look at who we truly are, at our core, we are all the same. We need to spread this message to children, and to the world. Our differences on the outside make us unique, but our hearts need to be unified because we are all one race, the human race,” says Tara Drouin. One Heart was inspired by a song, and with each purchase of the book, you get a free download of the song!


Thank you,  Tara & Tedd, for joining us and for sharing your wonderful stories with us!


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