Meet “Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea”!!

Meet “Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea”!! post thumbnail image

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RWYK Podcast Ft. Rebecca Chamberlain – Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea

Hello ReadingWithYourKids family!!!

Today on the podcast, we’re Ecstatic to feature Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea, a new children’s book from artist Rebecca Chamberlain!

Rebecca’s book is both educational and entertaining with all the facts and information to teach kids about how we can protect sea turtles through a beautiful story of a mermaid named Maralee.

To learn more about the inspiration and hard work that went into Maralee and the Turtles of the Seawe reached out to Rebecca for an interview. In this episode, Rebecca talks about what attracted her to children’s literature, How her daughter gave her the idea for her new book, her inspiration for the story on  & much more. Tune in now to find out!


Here’s more information about Rebecca

Rebecca Michelle Chamberlain

Rebecca Justice-Chamberlain holds a BA in Art History from Mansfield University. She works in colored pencil, watercolor pencil, graphite pencil, conte`crayon and explores paper cutting. With a deep appreciation for Renaissance and Pre-Raphaelite art, her work is greatly influenced by artists associated with both movements. She is also inspired by 19th and early 20th century Symbolism, English book illustration, and traditional Botanical art.

Rebecca has been a private drawing instructor since 1995. Her primary goal is to help students from all levels and backgrounds foster a love for representational art. She holds ” Master Level” membership in, and is former President of, the Bluegrass Drawing Society of which she co-founded in 2005. Rebecca’s artwork can be found in private collections throughout the United States. She is illustrator for the up and coming children’s book, “Jayden the Gentle, Tall and Gangly Giraffe ( A Story of Gentleness)” written by writer and poet Lisa Sharon.


More about Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea

Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea – June 12, 2018When a mermaid named Maralee gets a special mission from King Neptune, she sets out on a quest to help tiny sea turtles on a perilous journey. This lushly illustrated book by Rebecca Chamberlain invites the reader to discover a unique twist on how these endangered creatures survive the years at sea before reaching adulthood.


Click the Amazon link to check out this cute little book, read reviews and book your own copy!


Please contact the author at the email link below for signed purchases. If you wish to have the book personalized, please include the name and any additional pertinent information in the email: [email protected]


In this interview, you’ll hear

  • Introduction to Rebecca and her new children’s book Maralee and the Turtles of the Sea
  • What inspired Rebecca to write this book?
  • How did she come up with her characters?
  • What kind of discussions parents can have with kids after reading this book?
  • Importance of teaching kids to care for the sea creatures and care for the environment from a young age.
  • An exclusive sneak peek into Rebecca’s upcoming projects & some of the interesting things her website has to offer!


Where can you find Rebecca on the internet?

Her Website:

Follow her on Facebook


A big thank you to Rebecca for joining us and for sharing her wonderful, sweet little books with us!


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Thanks for tuning in and have a pleasant day😆

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