Holz publishing: An Interview With Igor Kozlov

Holz publishing: An Interview With Igor Kozlov post thumbnail image

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Interview with the CEO: Igor Kozlov discusses future of Holz Books

Hey RWYK family!

We managed to corner children’s publisher, Igor Kozlov, to sit down and have a chat with our ost Jed Doherty for a wide-ranging interview at ReadingWithYourKids podcast. Igor tells us how Holz Books is all about strengthening families. Their mission is to create colorful entertaining books that will help to expand the imagination of our young readers.

In this meaty episode, Igor give us a brief summary of Holz Books, What prompted them to get into publishing in the first place– and why children’s publishing in particular? Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the interview!



More about Holz Publishing

YOGA Book: coloring book by Holz Publishing

We are Holz publishing. We are a small community of authors and illustrators connected by love to children books. Our goal is the creation of colorful entertaining books that will help to expand the imagination of our young readers.


Igor was kind enough to offer a special discount exclusively for Reading With Your Kids listeners- Please use Holzoff25 for 25% discount on everything available on their website https://holzbooks.com/en/


In this interview, You’ll find out

  • Introduction to Children’s publishers Holz Books
  • How does Igor feel the children’s book market is at the moment– healthy, competitive, packed with rubbish?
  • What makes a great children’s book– what is the key, if there is one?!
  • More about Yoga Book that helps children improve their yoga skills and poses.  It is called YOGA Book by HOLZ.
  • What books in the Holz catalog is Igor excited about?
  • Where can we buy Holz books? And is there anywhere else we can find out more about you?


A big thank you to Igor Kozlov for joining us and for sharing his story with us!


Finally, where can you find Igor & Holz Books on the internet?

Website: https://holzbooks.com/en/



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