Come, join us as “Spinne the Spider Encounters Bullying”

Come, join us as “Spinne the Spider Encounters Bullying” post thumbnail image

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Reading with Your Kids Author Interview with MaeMae Spencer – Spinne the Spider Encounters Bullying

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today we’re ELATED to welcome a children’s books author MaeMae Spencer on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast!  is joining us for this interview to talk about her children book series titled is joining us for this interview to talk about her children’s book titled “Spinne the Spider Encounters Bullying”. 

Listen in to learn more about Spinne the Spider Series, What inspires MaeMae to write, the importance of teaching kids to stand up to bullies, her future projects and other fun facts about her book.

Tune in to join Spinne the Spider and her friends on her amazing adventure…


About the Author

MaeMae SpencerMaeMae Spencer is the alter ego and pen name of Lindy Spencer, chosen specifically for use with her children’s stories. MaeMae Spencer lives in Oklahoma with Amazing Husband and Super Smart Dog, and loves reading, writing, and riding motorcycles. She can be found through her website as well as on social media. Feel free to stop by and drop her a line – she loves to hear from fans!

Where can we find MaeMae online?

Spinne the Spider Encounters Bullying

Spinne the Spider Encounters BullyingIt’s tough being small, and even tougher for a spider who was born with only six legs. Spinne has worked to learn that being different is a good thing. Until now, Spinne the Spider has lived a life full of adventures. This encounter is anything but fun. Spinne has heard her mom talk about bullies, but before today she had not encountered one in person. What is the proper way to handle a bully? Should she ignore the situation and walk away, or is there something else she should do? Dealing with a bully is not fun, but sometimes you don’t have a choice.


Visit Amazon to check out the book, read reviews and buy your own copy!


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to Children’s author MaeMae Spencer
  • More about her new book Spinne the Spider Encounters Bullying
  • Is there a particular person or experience that inspired MaeMae to write this series for kids?
  • What kind of message does she want readers to take away from her books?
  • What kind of response MaeMae has been getting from young readers?
  • What is it about the children’s book genre that MaeMae loves writing it?
  • What is she currently working on and much more.


Thank you, MaeMae, for joining us and for sharing your wonderful book with us!


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