RWYK Interview With Children’s Author, Nadishka Aloysius!!

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RWYK Podcast Featuring Children’s Book Author: Nadishka Aloysius

Hello ReadingWithYourKids family!!!

Today we have the pleasure to welcome Nadihka Aloysius, children’s book author from a beautiful land of Sri Lanka. Nadishka is the author of Eyesha And The Great Elephant Gathering: Animal Adventure with Photographs, Toran and the Alphabet Fairy and her latest release Ronan’s Dinosaur.

Nadishka is joining us today to talk about her newly released children’s picture book Ronan’s Dinosaur, a sweet and engaging tale for kids where the protagonist Ronan is a shy, timid child who, through the help of his dinosaur friend Scoot, learns how to be brave.

Nadishka was kind enough to answer a few questions about her new book and what inspired her to write this story, Introduces us to other children’s book she has written and shared some interesting facts about Elephants and teaching phonics sounds to kids. Tune in now to join us on this fun journey into Ronan’s Dinosaur!


More about Ronan’s Dinosaur

Ronan's DinosaurRonan is a young boy who is dealing with a crisis. He and his parents have just moved into his Grandmother’s house to look after the sick old lady. The ramshackle old house and garden also pose a problem as Ronan is very introverted and anxious about anything new and even refuses to venture into the garden.
Everything changes when Ronan makes an unexpected friend – a dinosaur. Scoot introduces the young boy to new experiences and helps him gain some self-confidence. However, all good things must come to an end…and more change and upheaval are on the way…
Ronan followed Scoot into the garden. As they went further in, it seemed to get darker, and the trees seemed to be larger and older. He wished he could hold someone’s hand. When he started clambering over tree roots, he finally asked, “Are we nearly there?”
“Yes, actually,” replied Scoot and turned towards what must have been the biggest tree around.
“Wow!” Ronan looked up.
The tree was so wide five children could not have circled it had they tried to embrace it. Its bark was not smooth, instead, it looked like thick knotty ropes had made a maypole out of it. Its roots looped out of the earth as if shooting out feet to walk off on. The leaves were of different shades of green and gold, and hundreds of branches shot out, “Rather like a ladder’ he thought.
Scoot reared up onto his hind legs and grasped the lowest branch. “Shall we?” she inquired.
“You keep saying the same thing, don’t you?” snapped Ronan, feeling rather overwhelmed.
Scoot lowered herself back to the ground and looked Ronan straight in the eyes. “Do not be afraid. You go first. I will help you from behind. It will be worth it, you will see.”
Her eyes were golden, flecked in brown. And large for her face. Ronan felt like he might fall into them. Considering that they were the eyes of a creature that had lived for millennia, he was surprisingly unafraid. They seemed to give him courage.
“Yes, let’s do it!” he said, and he grabbed the nearest branch and hauled himself up. It was a long climb, and they stopped many times to rest, but Ronan was engrossed in his surroundings. He soon discovered that although Scoot wasn’t talkative she did answer questions, so he queried everything he could see. He learned more about plants and animals than he realized possible.
When they were about halfway up, Scoot called a halt. Then she pursed her lips and made a whistling sound. Ronan felt both tense and expectant. He had almost forgotten the whole purpose of the climb. He was wondering what kind of a creature he was going to see when he heard a scrabbling noise. It was coming from the other side of the tree trunk. And then a small face popped around the trunk.
“Hey Scoot!” said the face. “Finally sprouted wings, have you?”
“Hello Tryx,” replied Scoot. “I brought a friend. Ronan, meet Tryx, the Archaeopteryx.”
“Hi,” said Ronan shyly, feeling rather intimidated by the flashy bird-like animal. “Are you a dinosaur too?”
“Of course, I am!” she said. “I may look like a bird, darling, but I am so much more!”
Ronan giggled. He liked Tryx. Watching her was like watching a sequined puppet, endlessly twirling this way and that. She was also very funny, which was a nice change from Scoot.
“Can you fly?” he asked.
“Fly! I soar like a kite! I glide through the night!” with that declamation Tryx jumped off the branch. Ronan gasped. But instead of falling like a rock, she was floating down to the branch of a nearby tree.
They spent an entertaining time in the tree. Tryx regaled them with tales of her past. From time to time she darted among the branches picking at the bark with her little sharp claws to find bugs to eat. Once, she offered Ronan a tasty morsel, which he diplomatically refused.

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More about Nadishka Aloysius

Nadishka AloysiusNadishka Aloysius took to writing at the behest of her two children. Her books so far are all based in her home country of Sri Lanka. Being a teacher with over 18 years of experience in the field, and a mother of two sons who love story time, she finds inspiration in the little everyday details of life.


In this interview, you’ll hear

  • Introduction to Nadishka and her latest children’s book Ronan’s Dinosaur
  • Where did Nadishka find the time and dedication to write this story?
  • What kind of conversation families can have after reading this book?
  • Introduction to other books written by Nadishka including Eyesha And The Great Elephant Gathering: Animal Adventure with Photographs, Toran and the Alphabet Fairy
  • Importance of teaching phonics sound to young children
  • Some of the interesting facts about her books, exclusive sneak peek into her other picture books and much more. Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


Where online can people find more about Nadishka and his books



Nadishka, you rule. Thanks for doing this interview, best of luck with your books!


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