Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds: #RWYK Certified Fun Read

#RWYK Fun Read #Review – “Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds” by Linda Harkey & illustrated by Mike Minick

3 stars

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It’s time to add another wonderful and educational book to our library!

Solitary Toes and Brown-headed Cowbirds: A Hickory Doc’s Tale by Linda Harkey has been named a Reading with Your Kids certified Fun Read!

Want to teach your child the value of not cheating, sharing and helping others? the read  Solitary Toes and Brown-headed Cowbirds that demonstrates the value of courage, friendship, and overcoming adversity.


Read on to find out what we think about Lynda’s book. We enjoyed reading  Solitary Toes and Brown-headed Cowbirds and we hope you will too!


Let’s have a look at the Book Blurb

Solitary Toes and Brown-headed Cowbirds: A Hickory Doc’s Tale by Linda Harkey

Solitary Toes and Brown-headed CowbirdsDoc is the oldest and wisest of five hunting dogs at the Lazy Dog Hacienda. He’s expected to keep the rest of the pack in line, especially during hunting trips. But things get interesting when the Great One (our hunter) adds a new animal into the mix.

Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds shares a humorous story depicting the relationships between horses, cowbirds, and hunting dogs. Geared toward first through third-grade readers, this young reader’s book helps children improve their reading skills while providing knowledge about animals, nature, and life lessons.


“Solitary Toes and Brown-headed Cowbirds” is available on Amazon!

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More about Linda Harkey

Linda HarkeyLinda Harkey is a past teacher and an enthusiastic hunting dog owner for over 30 years. She has been involved as a docent with the writing of curricula for children’s programs. This has given her the ability to teach elementary children about art, history, animals, and nature. Harkey has been published in magazine articles and has recently written a series of books featuring a lovable hunting dog named Doc and the adventures of the pack. She has two children (Owen and Morgan), one daughter-in-law (Carrie), and three grandchildren (Austin, Averie, and Alec), along with dogs. She lives with her husband (Michael) on Ocate Mesa in New Mexico.

New additions to Linda Harkey’s Docs Dog Days series are available on her website! Continue the adventures of Doc and the gang by clicking on the link below!


Our Review

“An exciting tale of courage and adventure you’ll not forget”

Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds is a picture book written by Linda Harkey, and is a part of her Hickory Docs’ Tale series.



Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds is a unique tale of adventure and unexpected animal rivalry between a racehorse, cowbirds, and hunting dogs. Doc, the oldest and wisest of five hunting dogs at the Lazy Dog Hacienda, his brother Zeke, and Deacon, a three-legged German Shorthaired Pointer, feel jealous when a horse named B.J. joins them at their hacienda to help the Great One (their hunter) to help him hunt birds. They think B.J. is incapable of hunting and they make fun of her “Solitary Toes”. One day, Zeke and Doc stayed close to the barn to spy on B.J. Angry after they find B.J. eating dog food, Zeke proposes that they should race and that the winner of the race winner gets to eat all the dog chow in the barn.  All the animals near the Lazy Dog Hacienda were excited about this greatest race – hunting dog against a racehorse. However, during the middle of the night, Zeke decided to back out of the race suggesting that Deacon should race in his place. Who do you think will be the winner of this most awaited race? Read the book to find out!


What we like:

The message of a disabled character thriving is powerful and communicated in a humorous, undidactic manner, in large part thanks to the deeply appealing, funny and poignant illustrations. The starting pages of the book include introductory details, such as the dogs’ pedigree names, family history, and physical descriptions which makes it easier for first-time readers to understand the personality of each character.


What We Don’t Like

Solitary Toes and Brown-Headed Cowbirds is too long for a picture book and hence would be difficult to keep the target audience engaged. Some of the vocabulary used in the book is much challenging for its young readers to understand.


Final Verdict

Overall, It’s a great read for kids who love dogs, adventure, and the outdoors, plus it’s a great read aloud showing the value of courage, friendship, and overcoming adversity. Linda Harkey has 3 books in this little ‘series’. These are definitely worth checking out!



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A big thank you to author Linda Harkey for providing us a free copy of her book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.



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