RWYK is delighted to meet “Melvin Fastidious the Sailor”

RWYK is delighted to meet “Melvin Fastidious the Sailor” post thumbnail image

Meet Dawn Young, an audiologist, an English/ additional language teacher & the author of “Melvin Fastidious the Sailor”

Hello everyone and welcome back to another interesting and fun-filled episode of the Reading with your kids podcast!

Today, we feel incredibly lucky to be interviewing Dawn Doig (nee Young), the author of eight children’s picture books on various topics including childhood hearing loss, dysgraphia, bullying and forgiveness, and learning English as an additional language.

In our exciting interview, we discuss the latest picture book from Dawn, Melvin Fastidious the Sailor, Inspiration behind this book, Her publishing journey, Next project & more. Her new children’s book Melvin Fastidious the Sailor was inspired by Dawn’s 80-year-old father who is a veteran of the Canadian navy. His apparent OCD has been obvious throughout his life. We fell in love with this gem of a book instantly and so will you!



Melvin Fastidious the Sailor

Melvin Fastidious the Sailor

Melvin Fastidious is a perfect sailor.  He likes things “just so” in his Navy and family life.
Melvin is a very proud man and it shows in everything he does.

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About Dawn Doig

Dawn DoigDawn was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, but inherited ‘ traveling DNA’ from her sailor father which has led to a life of work and travel around the globe. In 1988, she completed a B.Sc. in Linguistics through the University of Victoria, immediately followed by an Human Communication Disorders (Audiology) through Dalhousie University in 1990. For 23 years, she provided audiological services to hearing-impaired individuals and their families in Canada, Kuwait, England, and Saudi Arabia.
Dawn gets her inspiration for her children’s books from her family, the children she has had the pleasure of working with, life experiences, and the furballs who have all found a special place in her heart. Baking is a favorite, stress-relieving pastime and she self-published a baking cookbook ‘Just Frickin’ Bake It’ to bring out the baker in everyone. When not working, Dawn enjoys heading off on adventures with Bruce to discover new cultures, new food, new people and perhaps even the inspiration for a new book.
To learn more about Dawn Doig and her books, visit
Connect with Dawn Doig on Twitter

In this episode, we discuss

  • Introduction to Dawn Doig, the author of eight children’s picture books
  • More about Melvin Fastidious the Sailor & the inspiration for the title and story of this book
  • Her experience of traveling extensively around the world
  • What are the benefits of experiencing different cultures?
  • More about the other books that are written by Dawn Doig
  • Her upcoming projects & some fun facts about his book. Be sure to tune in & catch all the fun. Happy Listening!



A big thank you to Dawn Doig for joining us and for sharing her story with us!



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