Looking for something by Susan Arts: #RWYK Certified Great Read

#RWYK Certified Great Read #Review – Looking for Something by Susan Arts

5 stars

Hey RWYK Family, It’s Friday! And it’s time to bring to you a brand NEW children’s book which will be a great addition to your family library!

Today, we’re are honored and excited to announce that Looking for something by Susan Arts has been named our latest RWYK Certified Great Read!


Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

Looking For Something by Susan Arts

Looking for Something Hardcover – April 11, 2017 by Susan ArtsLydi is a happy little girl who loves to explore. In “Looking for Something” it’s the beginning of summer vacation and already bored, Lydi is off on a day long adventure looking for something. Along the way, she meets some wonderful new friends. Together they have fun, make interesting discoveries, and eventually meet a grand old turtle who shares his wonderful story and more. Join Lydi and her amazing friends on their great adventure.


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Readers can purchase“Looking for Something” at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Looking for Something”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


More About The Author

A dream about her honorary niece Lydia who passed away from cancer at the age of 16, inspired Sue Arts to write a story. It started out a personal story for Lydia’s family, incorporating figures and, events that had special meaning to them. With encouragement from Lydia’s parents, Linda and Albert, Sue took the leap to get it published.

Looking For Something is about a little girl, Lydi, who is bored, as kids get, and goes off on a day-long adventure. The first venture into writing books for children, it is a story that Sue intended for anytime enjoyment, but particularly bedtime reading. She wanted something fun and happy to encourage sweet dreams.

Looking For Something is just the beginning. Sue plans on continuing the Lydi & Sassy series, all in honor of, and dedicated to, the memory of Lydia.

The second adventure in the Lydi & Sassy series, The Green Gem, is right now in the hands of Sue’s publishers, Christian Faith Publishing, with its release coming soon.

Sue lives and works in Western New York with her husband Ted and their seven cats and are living a most wonderful life, side-by-side with birds, squirrels, and an occasional raccoon, opossum, or deer in their backyard.

Sue loves to interact with her readers on Facebook (@Sue.Arts.7).



Our Review

Looking for something to do this weekend? Grab a copy of an amazing new children’s book, Looking for Something by Susan Arts, and you will be delighted!

When someone passes away at a young age, family and loved ones can take comfort in the fact that their life touched many and that their memory and legacy will live on.

The author, Susan Arts, was inspired to write Looking for Something when she saw a dream about her honorary niece Lydia who passed away from cancer at the age of 16. Lydia was a brave little girl from Buffalo who inspired many of her family, friends, teachers, and everyone she came into contact with, and Looking for Something (published by Christian Faith Publishing) is inspired by her story that is encouraging kids all around the world to enjoy their adventures and to treasure the experiences along their path.

Looking For Something is about a beautiful little girl, Lydi, who is bored at the beginning of her summer vacation, as children get, and goes off on a day-long adventure. Along the way, she finds friendship and happiness. Lydi meets a furry black and white kitty(Miss Mitzy) and the skinny little squirrel(Sam). Lydi realizes that each one of them is looking for something so together they go on an amazing adventure to make some exciting discoveries and eventually meet a grand old turtle who shares his wonderful story. In the end, Lydi walks back home with a tiny pug(Pug Sassy) on her backpack and a huge smile on her face.

We are very impressed with the breathtaking illustrations, the colors are attention-grabbing and gorgeous. The storyline is just adorable making it a perfect story for reading aloud or anytime enjoyment, but particularly for bedtime reading. We are sure Looking for something will be a fun and happy addition to your family’s library to encourage sweet dreams.

Final Verdict

 Filled with adventure and the beauty of the natural world, Looking For Something, is sure to encourage your little readers to get outside and explore. We love this book and can’t wait to read the second adventure in the Lydi & Sassy series, The Green Gem, right now in the hands of Sue’s publishers, Christian Faith Publishing, with its release coming soon.



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A big thank you to the author for providing us a free copy of his book through Reading with your Kids certified program. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.



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