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Reading with Your Kids Interview:  Captain Green and the Plastic Scene by Evelyn Bookless (Illustrated by Danny Deeptown)

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We’re back with yet another educational and entertaining episode and we’re thrilled to have children’s author Evelyn Bookless joining us all the way from the Netherlands.

Evelyn is joining us to share with us the story behind her debut picture book, CAPTAIN GREEN AND THE PLASTIC SCENE. She also talks about visiting how her book inspires kids to fall in love with nature and do their best to protect the planet. Captain Green shows everyone ways that they can help save our seas and empowers us all to do our bit. We also discuss Evelyn’s experience of visiting schools and discussing this topic with children and hearing their bright ideas for saving the seas.

Captain Green and the Plastic Scene is a fun way to teach young children about the dangers of plastic waste and how they can become true ‘superhumans’ who take care of the world. Tune in to learn all about this delightful story of an environmental superhero!


More about Evelyn Bookless

Evelyn Bookless grew up on a farm in the West of Ireland. She spent her time playing in the trees with her siblings, making up games and stories, and generally being fairly good.

Evelyn BooklessEvelyn has always adored reading. Her favorite part of the week was when the school bus stopped at the local library on the way home. Everyone ran in like they had never seen a book before in their lives. It was every man for themselves, trying to grab the best ones.

She went on to study English at university (where there was still a lot of running and

grabbing of books, especially at exam time).  Later (after a stint as a computer programmer), Evelyn decided to train as a teacher. She loves to work with children and see the world through their eyes – they make her giggle a lot. She has taught in London, Hong Kong and Singapore and has recently moved to the Netherlands. She is trying to learn Dutch and loves riding her blue bike everywhere.

Evelyn loves to write funny stories. She is inspired by her young son and his beautiful belly laughs at silly stuff.

She also loves to travel. Some of her most memorable trips include visiting the foothills of the Himalayas, Machu Picchu, and Angkor Wat. She once drove around Australia, where she threw herself off a dive boat and into the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. She was blown away by the dazzling new world below.  Following this, Evelyn learned to dive properly in the Atlantic Ocean one winter because she couldn’t wait for the summer. She finds the sea magical and is fascinated by narwhals, manatees and the hosts of crazy looking creatures in the deep.

Saddened by the amount of plastic waste she saw in the ocean one day, Evelyn was inspired to write Captain Green and the Plastic Scene. She dreams about clean oceans and contented sea creatures.

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Visit her website – www.evelynbookless.com


Captain Green and the Plastic Scene

Captain Green and the Plastic SceneFresh out of Superhero School, Captain Green gets a call. Dolphin is tangled up in plastic junk. When our lovable superhero rushes off to help, he finds himself on a very big mission; saving sea creatures from ‘pesky plastic’. Using his incredible powers, Captain Green saves the day. But can he clean up the plastic mess for good?

After trying to fix things on his own, Captain Green hatches a plan. He shares the 3Rs with some beachgoers, who discover that “you don’t need superpowers to save the seas, it just takes a superhuman.”

The superhero antics, amusing scenes, and charming illustrations are guaranteed to keep readers entertained.

Captain Green and the Plastic Scene is available on Amazon!



In this episode,

  • You’ll be introduced to a debut children’s book author from the Netherlands, Evelyn Bookless
  • More about her debut picture book Captain Green and the Plastic Scene
  • What inspired her to write this story and what kind of message she would like her readers to take away from this book?
  • How can Captain Green inspire kids to recycle in a fun, lighthearted way?
  • Evelyn gives us an exclusive sneak peek into some of the books she is currently working on?


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Evelyn. We wish you all the best with Captain Green and the Plastic Scene!


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