Laura Roettiger on the RWYK Podcast: Aliana Reaches for the Moon

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In Conversation with a Reading Specialist, a Former Elementary School Teacher, and a Children’s Books Author, Laura Roettiger

Hey ReadingWithYourKids Family!

We know you’ve all been waiting for this episode! In today’s episode, we’re thrilled to welcome debut children’s book author of “Aliana Reaches for the Moon”, Laura Roettiger!

ALIANA REACHES FOR THE MOON is about a girl who notices the bright light in her room during the full moon and uses objects around the house to experiment with light and reflection coupled with reading about the moon to create a surprise for her brother Gustavo at the end of the book.

In this mega-episode, you’ll get to follow the unique stepping stones Laura took to write for children, find out all about her band NEW kidlit and enjoy some deeply moving questions about the importance of reading. Hooray!


Here’s a note from Laura Roettiger

Laura RoettigerI am a reading specialist and a former elementary school teacher. Some of my favorite memories with my children include our weekly visits to the library and reading. Now that they are grown, I have to read to other people’s children in the classroom and soon I’ll be reading my own book at the library, bookstores, and schools! I currently spend one day a week teaching literacy in a second/third grade combined class so I still get to read every week. I have been told my superpower is encouraging curiosity in children and letting them know I believe they can succeed. My own children were curious and creative which I encouraged and all went into STEM-related professions.

I am a life-long Chicago resident who moved to the Rocky Mountains in 2016. Living adjacent to Roosevelt National Forest and just a few miles from the Continental Divide has provided me with inspiration for much of what I write about. I also have a Goldendoodle puppy, Charlie who is the inspiration for a my lastest polished manuscript.


Twitter: @Laura Roettiger 


Aliana Reaches for the Moon

Aliana Reaches for the Moon

Aliana loves observing everything in nature. When she notices how bright the light of the full moon shines into her room, she spends time learning about the moon and experimenting with light. As she prepares for her brother s birthday, she plans a wonderful surprise to be revealed with the next full moon.

Grab your copy on Amazon to inspire your little readers to use science, imagination, and experimental play to create their own innovations!


In this episode, You’ll find out

  • The inspiration behind Aliana Reaches for the Moon
  • The importance of reading aloud to your kids
  •  Laura describes a few different takeaways that she would want her readers to take away from reading Aliana Reaches for the Moon
  • Laura further explains how curiosity helps children create neural pathways as they go from questions of wonder to exploring answers.
  • Some useful resources and information available on her website


A big Thank You to Laura for talking to us and sharing her book with our listeners!


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