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In Conversation with Harsha Sheelam, Author of “The House of Terry Atterberry”

Happy Thursday everyone! Please welcome to the podcast, the unbelievably amazing and super talented 21-year-old children’s book author from Hyderabad in India, Harsha Sheelam! To date, Harsha has published three books: Beautiful Inside and Out, The House of Terry Atterberry, and Good Exists in all that Exists.

Harsha is joining us in this episode to talk about her latest book titled The House of Terry Atterberry, a collection of 15 short stories. Each story teaches children valuable lessons about humility, politeness, happiness and more.

In this exciting episode, Harsha tells us why she thinks it is so important to teach children about all the obstacles they might face and how they can overcome them. We also talk about other important life lessons that her book teaches such gender equality, being beautiful inside and out and accepting people for who they are. We also find out what inspires Harsha to write for children, what influences her stories and what is she currently working on.

Listen in to find out more about her and her books!


Here’s more information about Harsha Sheelam

Harsha Sheelam, author of The House of Terry AtterberryHarsha Sheelam, born in Hyderabad, India. She is a graduate in business administration and professional writer. Social causes, politics, fashion, travel, have been a few subjects she covered in magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Today, she is devoted to the mission of empowering young girls and boys by focusing on the issues of today. She believes that children need to stand up for themselves and be unputdownable when they face any atrocities. She has the dedication to her craft with the main motive to make the children believe that they are beautiful inside and out.


More about The House of Terry Atterberry

The House of Terry AtterberryThe book is a collection of intelligent stories from the life of Terry Atterberry, who is the tiny protagonist, clad in blue clothes and polka dot socks paired with yellow shoes. The rosy-cheeked boy teaches children 15 real-life lessons in the book “The House of Terry Atterberry”. He lives along with his parents in a mushroom house. He is best friends with Bernie, Darby, Pratt, and Mini.  Along with his friends, Terry learns new things at Borrow Dale School and in ‘The House of Terry Atterberry’.

The stories are based on age-old and contemporary themes. At the end of every chapter, the reader understands the lesson learned. These morals equip the children for a better adulthood. The riches that kids gain by reading these tales is love, care, honesty, humanity, hard work, overcoming fear, not to be greedy, avoiding laziness, not undermining people, understanding no one is perfect, knowing true friends, and lots more. The author pens instructive and inspiring fables from a fictional character’s life which will help children to develop character as well as have a fun time reading. The stories of Terry Atterberry are a rich mine of moral literacy which aids to anchor children in our culture, values, and ideals.

Click the Amazon link below to buy your copy of The House of Terry Atterberry


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Harsha reading a short story from her collection of short stories from The House of Terry Atterberry
  • How long has Harsha been writing and if she always wanted to be a children’s book author?
  • What kind of morals/life lessons Harsha wanted to teach kids through her books
  • What does Harsha hopes children will take away with them the most after they read each of her books?
  • What is she currently working on, where can people find her online and much more.


A big Thank You to Harsha for talking to us and sharing her story with our listeners. We are very excited to see what she does next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for her future books!


Where online can people find Harsha




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