Discover the Adventures of Lil’ Lukie! – Christopher Brennan

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RWYK Introducing Christopher Brennan, Author of “Lil’ Lukie” – The New Super-Powered Children’s Book


Hey RWYK Family!!!

In this episode of the Reading with your kids Podcast, We’d like to welcome Christopher Brennan, a filmmaker, content marketer and author of the Storybreaker’s brand new superhero-inspired children’s book called Lil’ Lukie!

In this conversation, which is important to note that this is much more of a conversation than an interview, we sprawl over so many different topics. Our chat ranges from how did Christopher get the idea for Lil’ Lukie and the inspiring story behind its creation, to the truth about how Christopher felt initially about writing for children, His experiences of traveling to different places all through his life, upcoming books and more. Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


Here’s more information about Christopher Brennan

An Author from Alaska, with a tale he needed to share,
To entertain and inspire families, from here to elsewhere.

Living in Dublin, Ireland, the place where Lukie was born.
Raising the Tiny Tot of Justice, was the pledge that has been sworn.

This is one of many adventures and the other one belongs to you.
Would love to hear your tale and the story of your own Lukie Loo.


More about Lil’ Lukie

Lil' Lukie by Christopher BrennanWhat would you say if your baby suddenly picked up a car with one hand?
What would you think if one day your baby started to fly from his high chair?
What would you do if you discovered that your baby had superpowers?

A gorgeous comic book themed illustrated children’s book!


Click the Amazon link below to grab a copy of Lil’ Lukie for your little Superhero lovers!

In this episode, Jed asks Christopher following questions:

  • Tell us something about Lil Lukie! and how many books are you planning to release in the series?
  • How did you get the idea to write this book and the inspiration behind the story?
  • How important is it to read with kids and spending that 5 extra minutes of reading to your child?
  • What kind of discussion parents & children can have after reading your book?
  • What exciting things have you planned for this series and much more. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the interview!



A big thank you to Christopher Brennan for joining us and for sharing his wonderful books with us!


For more information on Christopher and all his books, 

Visit to check it out!

Connect with Christopher on Social Media





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