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Mother’s Day Special Episode with Jill D. Clark, Author of “If I Had Eleven Toes,” the first book in The Extra Part Series

Happy Mother’s Day to all Reading With Your Kids listeners! To celebrate this wonderful day, we have a very special episode for you today so make sure to tune in to catch all the fun!

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to be something (or maybe someone) different. Whether it’s having different color eyes, a different complexion, a different shaped nose or something else—it seems that, from the moment we’re born, we imagine what our lives would be like “if only…”

The truth is, there aren’t many children’s books that address this part of our daily insecurities—at least not well, or in a way that captures the imagination and wonderment of a child. Instead, most are written from an adult’s point of view and lack the whimsy, enchantment and visual fantasy required to get at the heart of children.

That’s why the award-winning writer and author Jill D. Clark created The Extra Part Series—a poetic, whimsical, playful, laugh out loud children’s series that gives you a glimpse into the imagination of a child who—for a moment—thinks about what life would be like with an extra body part.

We’re mega excited to be joined by Jill on our Mother’s Day Special episode to discuss her first children’s book If I Had Eleven Toes, other books in The Extra Part Series that plays into our most fragile human ponderings. Travel alongside the characters in this series as they consider the “what ifs.”

It was such fun to get to ask Jill a few questions about her first children’s book, and how she devised such a creative story.


Learn more about Jill D. Clark

Jill is a God-fearing, outdoor-loving, Netflix-binging, friend and family-obsessed parent of twins, Noah and Eleanor. She is married to her fabulous husband, Brent, and together they live in St. Louis, Missouri, with said goofball twins.

 Jill Clark, author of If I Had Eleven Toes

Jill has been writing professionally for nearly 10 years. She has a Ph.D. in religion and social change with an emphasis in media studies, and she originally started her career as a college professor. But, the game of life (and marriage) quickly took her into the world of marketing and communications and speechwriting in both the higher education and the JK-12 sectors. Currently, she serves as the Chief Storyteller at MICDS, an independent JK-12 school in St. Louis, Missouri. People think her job sounds really cool. And guess what—it is! She has been doing—and loving—it ever since.

 Jill’s writing has appeared in chapter books, edited volumes, journals, magazines, and blogs. In addition, she has written hundreds of speeches for presidents, heads, and administrators of educational institutions. She has received a few awards for her work, including a GOLD InspirED Brilliance award for the best private school digital magazine. All of her writing relates in some way to education.


More about If I Had Eleven Toes

If I Had Eleven Toes

Promoting positive self-esteem through The Extra Part Series—a poetic, whimsical, playful, laugh out loud children’s series about what life would be like with an extra body part.

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In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • More about If I Had Eleven Toes
  • What was Jill’s inspiration for writing this book
  • What would Jill like her readers to remember most about her book
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading If I Had Eleven Toes
  • Importance of spending time with kids, What is Jill currently working on, future projects and more……Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!


Where to find more info about Jill Clark and her work:

Website: https://www.authorjillclark.com/


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Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday!


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