MEET the Delivery Bear: A Children’s Book by Laura Gehl!

MEET the Delivery Bear: A Children’s Book by Laura Gehl! post thumbnail image

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In Conversation With Laura Gehl, Author of Delivery Bear

Hello, our dear listeners! Today, we’re ELATED to welcome author Laura Day to talk about her latest children’s book, Delivery Bear.

To learn more about the inspiration and hard work that went into Delivery Bearwe reached out to Laura for an interview. In this episode, Laura talks about what attracted her to children’s literature, what inspired her to write this book, her inspiration for her stories, what her writing process is like & much more. Tune in now to learn more about Laura & her cute little book!

Here’s more information about Laura Gehl

Laura Gehl

Laura Gehl is the author of One Big Pair of Underwear and the Peep and Egg series. A former science and reading teacher, she also writes about science for children and adults. She lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Paco Sordo has more than a decade of experience working in comics, animation, advertising, and publishing. His books include Fire Truck to the Rescue! and the Tales of Sasha chapter book series. His clients include Nickelodeon, Rovio, Cartoon Networks, and Hallmark. He lives in Madrid, Spain.


More about Delivery Bear

Delivery Bear by Laura Gehl

Zogby wants to work for Fluffy Tail Cookies as a delivery animal—but he’s a bear and all the other animals are cute bunnies. Zogby tries to pretend to be a bunny by wearing bunny ears, putting on whiskers, and adding a fluffy tail. But he still scares the customers! When Zogby realizes being himself is best, can he find a way to stand out and get the job?

Visit Amazon to check out the book, read reviews and buy your own copy!


In this episode, you’ll find out

  • More about the Delivery Bear, introduction to the main character & storyline
  • What was the inspiration for her book and the character?
  • How long has Laura been writing for kids and what is her favorite part?
  • Introduction to the  Peep and Egg series and what inspired her to write these books?
  • What kind of message does she want readers to take away from her books?
  • What is she currently working on and much more.


You can discover more about Laura Gehl and her books by visiting

Her Website:

Connect with her on Facebook:


A big Thank You to Laura for talking to us and sharing her wonderful book with our listeners!



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