Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story

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Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story

A Conversation with Geraldine Ann Marshall 

Geraldine Ann MarshallIn today’s episode of Reading with your kids Podcast, we are excited to have this exclusive interview with Geraldine Ann Marshall, author of a delightful children’s book Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story. Geraldine writes books for both children and adults. She has a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Kentucky. The mother of two grown daughters, Geraldine lives in a house in the woods near Paducah, Kentucky. She shares her home with lots of wildlife, including honeybees, crickets, and even a few friendly spiders.

Spider’s Gift:

Spider’s Gift: A Christmas Story by Geraldine Ann Marshall and illustrated by Rebecca Sorge is an absolutely beautiful story of the nativity told from the viewpoint of its tiniest participants–the cricket, the honeybee, and the spider and emphasises that every gift is valuable if it s offered with love. Children ages 4-6 will delight in this book that includes a story, a prayer, and pages of facts and folklore about spiders. Author and zoologist Geraldine Ann Marshall enchants readers and opens their hearts to the true Christmas story.

In this Interview, Geraldine talks about her book and tells us how her book is different than other children’s Christmas books as it has animal-related twist to the Christmas story with a strong Christian message and it teaches children how beloved they are and helps them appreciate their intrinsic value. Geraldine also counts the benefits of reading her book with your kids & starting a new family Christmas tradition. She gives us sneak peak into her future projects and more. 

Be sure to listen to this episode to join the tiniest of creatures gathered in the stable to witness the birth of Jesus and share with your child the understanding that everyone has a special gift to offer the Christ Child!

A big thank you to Geraldine Ann Marshall  for joining us today. Don’t forget to check out Geraldine’s Facebook page as well as her Amazon page to order her books.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gerry.a.marshall

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