MEET the Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon!

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Meet Joseph W. Ruder, Author of Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon

Welcome to the Reading with Your Kids Podcast! In this episode of the podcast, we drag the children’s book author Joseph W. Ruder into the bunker and get him to tell us all about his books that focus on fun stories about friendship and imagination among other things.

Joseph is especially here to talk about his latest kidlit Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon, a magical story that turns everyday chores into a fun, crazy adventure through creative imaginations and a wonderful tale.

Listen now to hear Joseph’s awesome insights on his book, importance of spending time with kids, fulfilling one of his lifelong dreams and some exciting new books!


Here’s more information about Joseph W. Ruder

Joseph W. RuderJoseph began telling stories to his children during their bedtime, making them up off the top of his head. When work kept him away from home, he started writing his stories down while he traveled and emailing them to his wife to read during bedtime in his absence. Joseph decided to start writing and illustrating children’s books to share with other children and their families, fulfilling one of his lifelong dreams. Joseph currently lives in Northglenn, Colorado along with his wife and three children.


More about Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon

Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon

Follow Danny as he daydreams and uses his imagination to turn everyday activities into adventures. You never know what he’ll daydream about next!

Get your copy of Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon for turning the everyday chore of your kids into an adventure.


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • More about  Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon
  • What was Joseph’s inspiration for writing this book
  • What would Joseph like his readers to remember most about his book
  • How do his children react to his books and writing
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading Daydreaming Danny and the Green Dragon
  • Importance of spending time with kids, What is he currently working on, future projects and more……Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!


Where to find more info about Joseph Ruder and his work:




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