MEET “The Mud Princess”: Jordan J. Scavone

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In Conversation with Jordan J. Scavone, Author of “The Mud Princess”

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Please welcome to the podcast,  the unbelievably amazing and super talented children’s book author Jordan J. Scavone! To date, Jordan has published two books: Might-E! and The Mud Princess. Today Jordan is here to talk about his experiences and his new book “The Mud Princess”!

In this exciting episode, Jordan tells us why he thinks it is so important to teach children about all the obstacles they might face and how they can overcome them. We also talk about his experience of teaching at a daycare center and find out what inspires Jordan to write for children, what influences his stories and what is he currently working on.

Listen in to find out more about Jordan and his books!


Here’s more information about Jordan J. Scavone

Jordan J. Scavone created his first picture book at about six years old. This first book, written and drawn (well, stenciled), was titled “The Animals Look For Food”. It was about, well, animals looking for food. Though not the most well-thought-out (or well written) book of all time, this did plant seeds for the future. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Children’s Literature and Theater for the Young from Eastern Michigan University, Jordan began working on his first picture book. In April of 2016, Jordan received his M.A. in Children’s Literature from Eastern Michigan University. Currently, he lives with his new wife (June 2016) Chelsea, and their awesome cat Lizbeth.

Jordan J. Scavone

In 2017 Jordan’s debut children’s book Might-E was nominated for an Independent Publishers Book Award.



More about The Mud Princess

The Mud Princess

The Mud Princess is the story of Georgia, a girl who defies the looks and ideals of her princess peers. When the other princess are captured by a dragon, Georgia must decide if she should help those who shunned and mocked her.

The Mud Princess Is NOW ON AMAZON!


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Jordan reading an excerpt from his NEW children’s picture book The Mud Princess
  • What is his new book “The Mud Princess” about?
  • How long has Jordan been writing and if he always wanted to be a children’s book author?
  • What kind of morals/life lessons Jordan wanted to teach kids through his books
  • What does Jordan hope children will take away with them the most after they read The Mud Princess?
  • What is he currently working on, where can people find him online and much more…


A big Thank You to Jordan for talking to us and sharing his story with our listeners. We are very excited to see what he does next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for his future books!


Where online can people find Jordan


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