Old Mate Media is helping writers become published authors!

Old Mate Media is helping writers become published authors! post thumbnail image

Check out The Great Martini, A fun and touching story about Sam, a lovable but far from perfect magician who learns that the greatest transformation is transforming feelings of caring into action to help another human being. The Great Maritini, as an exclusive amazon e bookPlease click here to get your copy today.


Old Mate Media is helping writers become published authors!

Reading with your Kids Podcast Starring Chris Stead


In today’s episode of reading with your kids podcast, we welcome Chris Stead. Chris is an Australian video games journalist, editor and publisher. He first began his journey into media, working on early video games magazines and websites. Over time, he climbed through the ranks and spread his wings across many different subjects in the entertainment and lifestyle categories. He launched a number of international magazines and websites into the Australian market, and became an expert in content creation, editing, design and marketing. Eventually he found his way to the role of digital, online and print editor for the Australian wing of one of the biggest magazines on the planet, Game Informer. After receiving multiple awards and taking the magazine to the number one spot for the category, he left to found Old Mate Media.

In this episode Chris talks about helping parents and other creative writers bring their stories to life. He talks about his own life experiences and shares that making up stories to fascinate children is something that comes naturally to him and how he loves to actually make those stories into real books. Chris believes Parent-child interaction around reading is an experience that is treasured and he is best at using sounds, movements and all the technology available to create an extra ordinary digital reading experience for parent-child.

Stay tuned as Chris shares what Old Mate Media is all about & its goals, he also shares his insights into importance of digital books & how it can be interactive as it contains audio, video and animations, which can enhance the message that the author is trying to convey & can deliver a richer reading experience. Chris also introduces us to his first of a range of children’s books through The Wild Imagination of Willy Nilly series. Be sure to Listen!

Want to Create Your Own Children’s Picture Book?

Please Visit Old Mate Media to find out how and check out the wonderful books available on their website for a wonderful digital reading experience for your family!



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