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The Chinese Calendar Tales

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview With Sarah Brennan


In today’s episode, we’re sitting down for a chat with Sarah Brennan, author of The Chinese Calendar Tales. Sarah is joining us to talk about her inspiration to write The Chinese Calendar Tales series. She shares her love  for Chinese culture and how she incorporates it into her stories.

Sarah Brennan is the Hong Kong-based international author and publisher of the best-selling Chinese Calendar Tales (The Tale of Chester Choi, The Tale of Run Run Rat, The Tale of Oswald Ox, The Tale of Temujin, The Tale of Rhonda Rabbit, The Tale of Pin Yin Panda, The Tale of Sybil Snake and her latest title The Tale of A Dark Horse to date) as well as the hugely popular Dirty Story series. A featured author in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing International Literary Festivals since 2004, Sarah conducts regular reading tours, workshops and weeks in residence in schools in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Australia and the UK. Her books are now also distributed in the United States and Canada where she visits schools on Skype.

All of Sarah’s books are wickedly illustrated by Hong Kong’s much-loved cartoonist from the South China Morning Post, Harry Harrison. Sarah lives in Hong Kong with her French husband, two daughters and an opinionated cocker spaniel.

In this interview Sarah talks about her experience of living in Hong Kong and enjoying her journey of becoming a children’s author. What’s more, she offered some great tips on encouraging kids to read  & shares some great insight into Chinese culture, it’s history & China’s influence on the world. you will also love as Sarah shares some interesting facts about Chinese zodiac sign and what it says about your personality. Be sure to listen, enjoy & share!

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