Lucy the Dinosaur: Birthday Surprise!

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Lucy the Dinosaur: Birthday Surprise!

Book by Joey Ahlbum

Review by Fatima Khan, Associate Producer,


Who doesn’t love a surprise party? In this adorable book, it’s Billy Brontosaurus’ (one of Lucy’s friends) birthday and Lucy has planned a surprise party to make her friend feel special. Billy is very happy and wants to celebrate his big day with his friend’s but can’t find them at their usual spots so he thinks everyone forgot about his big day. Lucy gathers all her friends to surprise Billy without hurting his feelings in the process.

Lucy the Dinosaur is a set of 15 picture books by Joey Ahlbum. This is suitable for 3 to 6 years old and is one of the cutest picture books I have read so far. The book is not too long which will keep the young kids engaged in the story. Lucy is a larger than life dinosaur who loves adventures. She has a natural curiosity about things because Lucy wants to learn. Kids will fall in love with Lucy and her other Dino friends as they learn, joke and skateboard! With the help of her friends, Lucy learns to count, she hunts for treasure, and plans a surprise birthday party for her friend Billy.

Author has used friendly and dynamic picture for illustration and it is easy for young kids to comprehend. They are extremely adorable and colourfulThis a perfect book for children and adults may find this book enjoyable too as all the characters of this book are sweet and fun to read. In my opinion, the best thing about this book is the fact that Lucy loves to learn. She and her friends, count, sing and play outside to solve problems and learn things while playing.

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