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#RWYK Great Read #Review – “We Don’t Cry, We Try: Back to School” by Denisha Alphonse

5 stars


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It is our absolute pleasure to introduce another exciting and absolutely CUTE book to all of you. Please welcome We Don’t Cry, We Try; Back to School by Denisha Alphonse as our brand new ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read!!

Read on to find some of the important things young readers can learn while enjoying her book and we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about her book as we much enjoyed writing about it!


More about We Don’t Cry, We Try; Back to School

We Don’t Cry, We Try; Back to School

Don isn’t ready to go back to school without his toys. He learns with the use of the catch-phrase “We Don’t Cry, We Try” that school is for learning and he can play with his toys when he gets home.

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Get to know Denisha Alphonse

Denisha AlphonseDenisha Alphonse believes that children need a lot of support when it comes to learning and always felt that she needed to find a way to be part of the learning process even if it wasn’t in a classroom environment.
As a mother of two young boys, Denisha understands how much patience is needed to teach children what they need to learn as they grow up. A small catchphrase such as “We Don’t Cry, We Try” is easy to get a child’s attention and redirect them from crying to listening and trying to do what is being asked. Denisha decided to put the phrase into a children’s book and hence being able to tie her passion for helping others and writing into one.


Our Review

“Your kids will beg to hear this book’s lovely rhymes over and over again”

 We Don’t Cry, We Try: Back to School is a children’s picture book, written by Denisha Alphonse an illustrated by Dwayne Blair. Don is a little boy who is excited to go to school and imagines all the fun activities he can do with his friends at school. He is overjoyed and can’t wait to show his fancy toys including transformers, his car ramp to his friends and to play with them. But he becomes upset after being told by her mother that he is not allowed to bring his toys to school but soon learns that that toys aren’t part of the teacher’s lesson plan and he can play with them after school. His mother uses the phrase “We Don’t Cry, We Try” to encourage Don to be a big boy and not to cry over a toy and understand that school is for learning and not for playing with toys.

We very much enjoyed the setup and presentation of this literary children’s treat. Not only does Denisha Alphonse show the different types of emotion a child can feel, but Dwayne Blair’s illustrations allow the reader to see what each emotion may feel like through facial expressions. We Don’t Cry, We Try: Back to School is a marvelous concept which not only allows children to see the different emotions we all feel but also allows them to examine how Don might be feeling and display curiosity and empathy as to why.

What We especially enjoyed was the rhyming words used, so that young readers who are also suffering from the same emotions can see the pattern beginning to appear as each emotion is displayed. This children’s book is suitable as a ‘read-aloud book’ for preschool children or as a ‘self-read’ book for children who are beginner readers. It’s a great story to read at bedtime or any time. This is a helpful book especially if you have kids who are chronic cry-ers. It provides an opportunity to talk about/discuss the reasons and emotions behind those tears.

Overall, it is a great looking book that might help you navigate emotions with your kids. It not only provides a great strategy through a catchphrase “We don’t Cry, We Try” that you may want to share with your child for handling their urge to cry and understand the situation but it also encourages parents to acknowledge their child’s feelings and showing empathy by talking and addressing the problem at the right time. This story told with spare text and expressive pictures will have your kids smiling while it encourages your kids to try rather than being sad.

We Don't Cry, We Try

Highly recommend not just for kids but for people of all ages!!


Congratulations to Denisha Alphonse for winning RWYK Certified Great Read Status for We Don’t Cry, We Try; Back to School!


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