Oscar Garza and Rolando Esquivel on “Lemon Pepper Huggz”

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In Conversation with Oscar Garza and Ronaldo Esquivel from 5meatscomics -Lemon Pepper Hugg

Hello RWYK Family!

It’s time for a new episode! In this edition of the podcast, we ‘re joined by Oscar Garza and Rolando Esquivel, from 5meatscomics. They are the creators of the brand NEW, all-ages, family comic Lemon Pepper Huggz, A light comic about Hispanic elementary-age kids and their school and neighborhood adventures.

Oscar Garza is the writer and artist for Lemon Pepper Huggz. Rolando Esquivel is the writer and editor for their comic. In our exciting chat wirh them, Garza and Esquivel discussed with Jed their inspirations, their stylistic decisions, and their ongoing and upcoming projects!

Lemon Pepper Huggz Comics

Art & Story: Oscar Garza

Story: Rolando Esquivel

Publisher: 5 Meats Comics

Lemon, Pepper, Huggz is about three Elementary-age kids and the crazy after-school adventures they go on within their neighborhood.
Comedy, adventure, friends, and family.

Lemon Pepper Huggz ComicsThe humor and attitude of 5 MEATS COMICS, but for KIDS!

ISSUE 1- Cookietown
When Lemon finds out the biggest Roller Coaster in New Brownsville will close soon, she, along with Pepper and Huggz, opens a Lemonade stand to raise ticket money. Unfortunately, the Cookie Scouts lay claim to the sidewalk, and they aren’t in the sharing mood!



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In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to Oscar Garza & Ronaldo, the creators of Lemon Pepper Huggz comics.
  • How did they get into creating comics? What inspired the idea of Lemon Pepper Huggz
  • How did they come up with the characters and story? Is there any particular person who inspired the story?
  • What do they hope that readers will take away after reading Lemon Pepper Huggz?
  • More about their ongoing projects and future plans for their upcoming comics.



A big Thank You to Oscar & Ronaldo for joining us! Glad you all could join us for today’s guest interview! We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview and we look forward to introducing you to some great guests in our next episode.


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Thanks for tuning in and have a great day!


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