MEET Two Giraffes: A Children’s Love Story

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Interview with Trevor Carss, Author of Two Giraffes: A Children’s Love Story

Hey RWYK family! It is our absolute pleasure to introduce children’s author/illustrator Trevor Carss on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast.  Trevor is here with us to celebrate his latest book that is a children’s love story called Two Giraffes which was inspired by his girlfriend. Trevor’s book is all about love, respect, values and courage. It explores the importance of overcoming fear with your loved ones.

We’re super excited to share with you what Trevor has to share about his writing, his book and publication journey. Listen in as Trevor shares what inspired him to write this book and learn some interesting facts about his illustrations. Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!


Here’s more information about Trevor Carss

Trevor CarssTrevor Carss (Trev for short) loves to write about and illustrate his life experiences as modern children’s books. You can enjoy them all here, exclusively on Amazon.

While recovering from multiple surgeries to restore his limited eyesight, Trev wrote, illustrated and self-published more than a dozen stories for his young readers. He uses his battles against adversity as daily creative inspiration for his unique brand of modern storytelling. These books will hopefully inspire all ages to stand out and be different.

If he’s not dreaming up the next story for his community of fans, you can find Trev training for triathlons, reading books (of course!) or cooking healthy meals in his beautiful hometown of Vancouver, Canada.


More about Two Giraffes: A Children’s Love Story

Two Giraffes: A Children's Love Story (Ages 3-8) by [Carss, Trevor]“Be bold. Be brave. Be fearless.” In this modern children’s tale, join two young giraffes, Travis and Rachel, as they form a friendship, fall in love, and battle a major life obstacle: the parents! Readers of this minimalistic, contemporary children’s book will learn the importance of overcoming fear and becoming brave.

When growing up we are often too shy to stand out and make our voices heard. Two Giraffes encourages kids to be more bold in the face of fear.

Written and illustrated for anyone who enjoys modern picture books, help your child feel stronger today about growing up and trying new things.


Grab a copy of Two Giraffes for a perfect bedtime read with your little ones!


In this episode, we discuss

  • More about Two Giraffes and what inspired the story and the main characters
  • Trevor shares how his real life story and experiences influenced her to write this book
  • importance of teaching children how to cope with life’s challenges and empower the to do great things
  • What can readers expect from Trevor’s book, his upcoming projects and more…Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


A big thank you to Trevor Carss for joining us and for sharing her story with us!


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