Beau Wants to Know by Brian Sullivan: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Beau Wants to Know by Brian Sullivan: #RWYK Certified Great Read post thumbnail image

Beau Wants to Know by Brian Sullivan: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Congratulations to Brian Sullivan!

His delightful picture book Beau Wants to Know has been named a Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read.



Beau Wants to KnowIn his never-ending quest to learn more about the fascinating world around him, Beau is a child who wants to know “Why?” And when his imagination goes into overdrive, it’s anyone’s guess where it’ll take him. Join Beau as he looks at the world through a slightly different type of lens that will encourage young children to ask questions and fill in the blanks with their imaginations.



Beau Wants to Know by Brian Sullivan

This sweet book will appeal to anyone familiar with the universal tendency of young children to always ask WHY?

Beau wants to know by Brian Sullivan is the tale of a persistently curious young boy Who’s head is full of questions. Written in playful rhyming verse, the text is as energetic as Beau herself and the illustrations are packed with ingeniously entertaining detail courtesy of none other than Laura Watson. Laura provides plenty of visual humour as a backdrop to this wonderful story of a young boy with a determined spirit and a thirst for knowledge.

What makes the grass green and what makes it grow? Why can’t we have a lion, a baboon or a giraffe for a pet? What’s up in the sky? A young boy in this beautifully illustrated rhyming book is endlessly curious, and determined to find out the why and how of everything around him. He just can’t help questioning about the new things that he notices about the mysteries of world around us.

Little ones and their parents will be charmed and delighted after reading about a young child’s wonderings about the world around us. Any child who has ever asked “Why?” – and any parent who has attempted an explanation – will recognize themselves in this sweet picture book. The book is fun to read and should inspire children to learn and to spark their imaginations.

Through Beau Wants to Know, Brian promotes curiosity in kids and sends out a powerful message that asking questions, delighting in finding new things is our life force. When we share this book with kids, we invite them to share ways in which their wonders about the world can be nurtured.

A perfect book to open the door to ask your child about their own thinking.


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