K.W. Penndorf Discusses”The Freya Series”

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Freya Series: RWYK Interview With K.W. Penndrof

Hey there! On this episode of the RWYK episode, we’re so pleased to have  author K.W. Penndrof to celebrate the release of her first middle grade adventure series titled The Freya Series. Penndrof’s series is a delightful story of a young girl’s journey to the world of vikings and along the way she meets the mysterious Erik and together they find their way through this adventure.

In our exiting interview, Penndrof joins us to talk about her series, What inspired her stories, what made her to write for middle grade audience, expectations she has from her series, future books in the Freya series and much more. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did recording it!


Get to know more about KW Penndrof

Story time had always been KW Penndorf’s favorite ‘subject’ in school. But when her second grade teacher opted to read from a tattered old diary, KW’s view on books changed forever. Books were now alive, with adventures, dilemmas, far away locations, heroes, villains, drama, and quite frankly, story. Everything was so real, well at least in her imagination at any rate. She wanted to live in those stories… and she has.

In her senior year of high school KW interned at CBS three days a week, making sure to keep her grades up or the gig would be off. By sheer nature of the job, stories surrounded her there. In college, she spent a semester abroad living with her sister and brother-in-law in Denmark – where, yes, one can only imagine the crazy stories two sisters conjured up! Then after college, she moved to Germany and at the age of 25 she opened her own company – a language school, full of (you guessed it) stories abound. At 29 she moved back to the States, bringing home with her the greatest story and souvenir ever – her husband.

On a train ride into NYC, a vision came to KW’s sleepy commuter mind: a girl finding a dragon egg in the middle of a Viking graveyard. Presto! The premise for her debut novel was born. A story, which KW hopes, will change a child’s view on books forever.


Book 1: Freya and the Dragon Egg

Freya’s family is wonderful. Just not to her. After all, her older sister loves to talk about “pulling a Freya” – a term for any mistake she makes, her younger sister publicly reads from Freya’s diary without ever getting reprimanded, and her parents hardly take notice of her. But that is all about to change when her father, Denmark’s renowned Viking archaeologist, asks her to hide a precious artifact where no one will find it. Freya jumps at the chance to prove her worth and suddenly discovers herself transported to a magical forest where she comes face to face with not only real Vikings, but a clan of sprites and a Berserk as well. In search of a way home, Freya unearths a realm of adventure and a path to greatness she is sure her family will revere.


Book 2: Freya and the Battle at the Aal Thing

No Vikings, breathing fire or closing realms. That means this weekend’s birthday party can truly be full of ‘non-adventuresome’ fun and excitement. All Freya has to do is keep her father’s national homecoming celebrations from overshadowing her one little day of the year to shine. Easier said than done when even her class partner for a research paper can’t stop asking about the latest dig and excavation.

But when a field trip to Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, reveals her focus has been on the wrong thing, she finds herself back in the era she so desperately wants to be keep away from.

With a need to locate Chieftain Harald, Freya discovers a sprite’s secret, putting her on the path to battling Ragnar once again. Yet when that battle includes a round of the game kubb, some meddlesome weather, and her second transformation, will it prove to be too much?


Interested to see what happens next for Freya? Click the below link to buy your copy of the Freya adventure series today…



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In this episode,

  • You’ll hear Penndrof reading a paragraph form the first book in her Freya Adventure Series
  • Penndrof shares how the premise for her debut novel was born and she hope’s her series will change a child’s view on books forever
  • How many books The Freya Series will have and why did Penndrof chose to tell her story in those many books
  • Penndrof talks about her experience of receiving positive review for her books and how kids of all the ages are loving her series
  • Jed and Penndrof discuss importance of parents reading the book with their children or co reading with them, future books in her series and much more. Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!

So, there you have it. We’re sure you’ve enjoyed learning about Penndrof’s writing journey from her as much as we did! If you’ve enjoyed this episode then please rate and review our show in iTunes and share it by clicking the social media buttons at the bottom of this page!

A big Thank You to KW Penndrof for this interview and we’re sure your powerful book will educate young children and will change their lives!


You can find more about KW Penndrof and her books by visiting

Her website: https://kwpenndorf.com/

Facbook: https://www.facebook.com/kwpenndorfauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kwpenndorf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kwpenndorf/




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