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RWYK Special Episode Starring Former “Mickey Mouse Club” Star Jennifer McGill

“No matter what opportunities or obstacles may come my way, I strive to glorify God by being excellent with what He gives me, one day at a time!” ~Jennifer McGill

Hey everyone! Today on the Reading with your kids podcast, we’re doing things slightly different. On this special edition of the Podcast, we welcome the wonderful, talented, jovial Jennifer McGill. Jennifer McGill,  our guest today was part of the “The Mickey Mouse Club” on The Disney Channel from 1989 – 1994. Not only that she had the honor of being the most recent artist in our “Single of the Week”, for us, the children of the 80’s & 90’s, we watched her on MMC from the first episode to the final. She is an amazing talented performer.

In our exciting interview, Jennifer talks about the experiences and revelations that have helped her grow as a Christian. Catch a sneak peek at her latest music video, “Unbreakable” and much more. Stay Tuned for the exciting conversation!


Here’s more information about Jennifer McGill

Jennifer McGill Jennifer McGill is a speaker, blogger, and vlogger, focusing on how to see through the best perspective each day, to view our lives and to truly trust that, in Christ, we always have a purpose.  Jennifer has learned, many times the hard way, that having the proper perspective about yourself and your situations is the first step in living life the way God intended.

Jennifer is an animated and relatable storyteller whose unique one-of-a-kind journey encompasses multiple topics that explain life at its peak, at its lowest, and everything in between.  Her speaking style will have people engaged, interacting, laughing, and crying as they learn practical take-home steps to live out the life God has planned for them.  When possible, Jennifer loves to sing while speaking to further inspire her audience and enhance the impact of her message. She uses the written word to sow motivation and encouragement into people’s lives.  Jennifer has a heart to use her gifts to help people deal with their daily fears and struggles, as well as find grace, peace, and restoration in the midst of the grind of daily living.

Jennifer has shared her testimony on Trinity Broadcast Network’s Praise The Lord! and has encouraged thousands to find their identity in Christ, loving themselves and seeing the truth about themselves through God’s word.  Jennifer also tours with “Bravehearted Girls: The Warrior Princess Quest”, encouraging parents and young girls to be loving, strong, and bold for God’s kingdom.

Here is an Amazon link to own your copy of Unbreakable sung by Jennifer McGill –  an album you’ll find yourself returning to again and again!


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • More about McGill’s first full-length debut solo album “Unbreakable,” inspired by her faith
  • When the “Mickey Mouse Club” ended in 1995, most of Jennifer McGill’s co-stars immediately launched careers in Hollywood. Why did McGill jetted off to New York to start college?
  • McGill talks about a rough patch when her mother died when the singer was 24-years-old and how did she find God after hitting rock bottom
  • What’s next for McGill and much more…Keep Listening!


Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us here at RWYK podcast, Jennifer!


For more info on Jennifer McGill

Visit her website:

Instagram:  @theJenniferMcGill

Twitter:  @theJennMcGill



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