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Reading With Your Kids Special Episode ft. Pamela C Rice

Welcome to yet another fun-filled episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast! Today we’re talking with PAMELA C. RICE, writer/Illustrator of at least 16 different books. Pamela is joining us today to talk about one of her latest released children’s picture book I Grew Grandma’s Tomatoes.

I Grew Grandma’s Tomatoes is a cute story about a grandmother and her granddaughter and a gift of love.

We’re so grateful to Pamela for digging deep about her writing, her diverse books for children, and for being so open and honest. There’s a lot of real talk here, along with lots of laughs. Take a listen, and you’ll hear why!


Here’s more information about Pamela C Rice

Creating children’s books is what Pamela C. Rice enjoys and since August 2015 she has released 12 books including “When the Brown Bird Flies”“The Painting Speaks”,“Aaron’s Dreams”, and “Rufus Finds A Prize”. Each book is warmly illustrated by Rice and offers written artistic expression of her childhood experiences and inspirations that children will find fun, imaginative and educational.

Pamela C RiceRice grew up surrounded by creative art and design, and believes that she is a person born to write and illustrate for children. Both Pam’s father and brother were in the field of design. Her father was a commercial artist, and her brother was in textile and artesian design. With over 30 years of independent and corporate experience in advertising, graphic design, and visual communications, Rice has earned high recognition and top accolades with over 30 design awards. She has made guest appearances as a lecturer at the Illinois Academy of Design and Merchandising and at Northeastern Illinois University. She has also taught at the University of Illinois-Chicago, in the Principal Scholar’s Program.

Pam has illustrated for various authors such as Anna K. Morris, Emma Young, and Kay McCrimon, to name a few. For many years Pam has developed her unique illustrative style, and is excited to create content that both parents and children can enjoy. She is currently working with a Peruvian friend and translator to bring more diversity and inclusion to her
library of books.


More about I Grew Grandma’s Tomatoes

I Grew Grandma's Tomatoes


Paige always gets fun mail from
her Grandma! She receives a
challenge from her Grandma in her most recent letter.

Will Paige accept her Grandma’s challenge and will she succeed? Grab a copy of I Grew Grandma’s Tomatoes to find out!




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In this episode, you’ll hear 

  • More about I Grew Grandma’s Tomatoes and the story line
  • where did Pamela get the idea to write this story
  • How Pamela’s reading experience as a young girl would have been different If she had an access to diverse books that Pamela is creating for children
  • Pamela’s goal for kid’s shelf books
  • Some of the positive messages her books promotes, importance of children’s literature, What’s next for Pamela C. Rice & much more…Be sure to tune in & you’ll be so glad you did!


A big Thank you to Pamela for doing this Interview! We’re so glad to bring this wonderful book to all our listeners and  we hope you’ll check out more of her books in the future!


If you’d like to find out more about Pamela and her books visit

Website: http://www.pamricedesign.com

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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful Thursday!😆


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