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Interview with Alison Broderick, Debut Author of Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight

Hey there! Today we’re so excited to have the opportunity to introduce another very talented debut author on the reading with your kids podcast. Please welcome Alison T Broderick, author of a wonderful children’s picture book Samuel Stanley Scotty SnightAlison’s book focuses “brushing teeth struggle” among young children through her main character Samuel and consequences he has to face for not taking care of his teeth.

We’re super excited to share with you what Alison has to say about writing, her book and her publication journey. Listen in as Alison shares what inspired her book and learn some interesting facts about her story. Be sure to tune in to this episode to discover all the fun facts about Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight!


Here’s more information about Alison T Broderick

Alison T BroderickAlison T Broderick enjoys creating children’s stories that give readers a sense of wonder and pique their curiosity. She has a gift for delivering important life lessons that capture the hearts of her readers while providing some giggles along the way. Alison lives in Marietta, Georgia, with her husband, two boys, and Golden Retriever, Duke. When she is not writing children’s books and children’s stories, she teaches barre classes at Barre3 East Cobb.


More about Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight

Meet Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight, a redheaded, freckle-faced, chubby second grader who loves to eat! From potatoes and steak to cookies and cake, he is passionate about mealtime. Unfortunately, good dental hygiene does not interest Samuel as much as satisfying his hunger. Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight will not brush his teeth at night, and consequences soon follow.



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In this episode

  • Alison describes her book and tells us how  her main character Samuel teaches kids to maintain personal hygiene
  • Her experience and story behind writing her book at the age of 17 and her publishing journey
  • Alison explains how she loved teaching children to always tell the truth and to take care of their health through the example of her cute little main character Samuel
  • Jed shares some great words of wisdom from our favourite president Abraham Lincoln and much more. Happy Listening!


Finally, where can we find Alison on the internet?

Her website:




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