RWYK Is Delighted to Feature “Miss Tree Tales series” & “Fantastic You”

RWYK Is Delighted to Feature “Miss Tree Tales series” & “Fantastic You” post thumbnail image

In Conversation with Two Wonderful KidLit Authors, Danielle Dufayet & Deepa Remesh

Danielle Dufayet & Deepa Ramesh

Happy Sunday listeners!

We have a very special episode for you today! We are excited to feature two amazing and talented children’s book authors on the podcast to share their passion for children’s literature! We’re so very grateful to these wonderful authors who so generously share their thoughts on craft, the various struggles of getting a book into print, and their words of wisdom.

Our first guest today is Danielle Dufayet, the author of You Are Your Strong and did an interview with Reading with Your Kids Podcast a few months back. Her second book, Fantastic You! has been released on September 3, 2019! It is another self-powering book for children that encourages self-love, self-compassion and self- forgiveness. Essentially, it’s about having a wonderful, healthy relationship with oneself!


Deepa RameshOur second guest is Deepa Ramesh and she is joining us to talk about her new series MISS TREE TALES designed for middle-grade readers on sustainability, resourcefulness, and conservation. The books in this educational series are also filled with tidbits of scientific and environmental information which would make them a good pick for teachers and educators working on similar concepts.





Here’s More Information About Danielle Dufayet

Danielle DufayetDanielle Dufayet, born in Yonkers, New York, now lives in sunny San Jose, California, where she writes children’s books and paints. She also teaches English and Public Speaking (Self-Empowerment) to grades K-12. Danielle read her first picture book (Little Raccoon and the Thing in the Pool) when she was 18 whereupon she was blown away by its simplicity, timelessness and transformative power. That’s when she knew it was her calling. Thirty-five years and a Master’s Degree later, she finally made her dream come true and she’ll have TWO books out in 2019 – one about inner strength and managing big emotions, called You Are Your Strong and the other, Fantastic You!,  about self-love/compassion.

Where Can You Find Danielle On The Internet?



Learn more about “Fantastic You”

Fantastic YouThere’s one special person you get to spend your whole life with YOU! Which means there’s no one you should take better care of! When you cheer yourself on and cheer yourself up, you make the world a happier place. Life is amazing when you share it with the people you love: family, friends, and always with YOU!

Fantastic You shows readers how to develop and nurture a loving and positive relationship with themselves. Kids will learn that self-care includes positive self-talk and self-compassion for a happy, self-empowered life.



Fantastic You is available on Amazon!


More about Deepa Ramesh

Deepa RemeshDeepa Remesh lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two kids. Through her first book series based on trees, she tries to introduce kids to a simple sustainable lifestyle presenting them with numerous seeds for thought to cultivate the values of resourcefulness and conservation.

Learn more about Miss Tree Tales

Mighty Coconuts: Protect, Sustain, Conserve the Environment (Miss Tree Tales Book 1) by [Remesh, Deepa]Miss Tree Tales books feature a mysterious lady, Miss Tree, whose goal is to protect all plants. She sends kids on missions to different destinations around the world to learn about plants in their natural habitats. So far, I have published two books: Mighty Coconuts and Incredible Cacao. To make it an interesting read for kids, I have blended facts with fiction that includes puzzles, fun games, activities, and food. The books are also scattered with seeds for thought that steer toward sustainable living, conservation, and protection of natural resources.






Book links:




In this episode, You’ll find out

  • What does Self-Love & Self-care mean to Danielle Dufayet?
  • What do we need to do to have a relationship with your self?
  • How did Danielle Dufayet get to the point of writing Fantastic You?
  • Her book has a note written to parents & caregivers to promote positivity in children. How does that help?
  • More about Deepa Ramesh and her children’s books series, Miss Tree Tales
  • What are some of the messages Deepa would like readers to take away after reading her book?
  • Where can people find more information about Miss Tree Tales?


A big thank you to Danielle & Deepa for joining us and for sharing their wonderful, sweet little books with us!



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