Traveling Tootsie by Karen & Kathy Honaker: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Traveling Tootsie by Karen & Kathy Honaker:#RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Karen & Kathy Honaker!

Traveling Tootsie is our latest Certified great Read!




Traveling Tootsie by Karen & Kathy HonakerHave you ever wished you could go away on your parent’s business trip or hide in their suitcase to explore a new city all on your own?

Well, Katie and Steven sure have! They wonder why they always have to stay home when Mommy or Daddy travel for work. Once their favorite yellow teddy, Tootsie, comes up with the idea to stow himself away for Daddy’s trip to Washington, DC, Katie and Steven realize that they’ll be able to travel along, too―but just not in the way they first imagine!

Traveling Tootsie is an adorable children’s book which perfectly captures the authors’ passion for―and love of―travel. Come along on an exciting adventure with Katie and Steven’s beloved teddy bear in the Nation’s Capital! After you’ve traveled with Tootsie, we hope you’ll begin to explore the enchanting world around YOU!


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About the Author

Traveling TootsieKathy and Karen grew up in the Chicago suburbs and moved to Virginia as teenagers. They enjoyed many family vacations, which began their love of travel. They both reside in Virginia with their families and continue to instill a love of travel with their own children. This is their first children’s book written together, about a favorite childhood memory that they always wanted to share with others to enjoy. They hope to inspire a sense of adventure in you!


Children’s travel books can plant the seeds of wanderlust in young minds, nurturing a lifelong love for travel, exploration, and cultural understanding. And our latest certified great read is a perfect book to stimulate imagination, curiosity, and empathy while fostering a sense of adventure and appreciation for the diverse world we live in.

Traveling Tootsie” by Karen & Kathy Honaker is an enchanting children’s book that follows the adventures of Katie, Steven, and their teddy bear, Tootsie. Filled with curiosity and a desire to explore the world like their traveling parents, the siblings devise a clever plan to allow Tootsie to experience the wonders of Washington, DC.

As the children play pretend, Tootsie becomes the embodiment of their travel aspirations. They decide to hide Tootsie in their father’s suitcase, hoping that he can witness the marvels of the nation’s capital and return home to regale them with stories of his adventures.

The excitement builds as Tootsie embarks on an unexpected journey, secretly tucked away in their father’s suitcase. Upon arrival in Washington, DC, Tootsie emerges from his hiding spot and starts exploring the captivating city. From iconic landmarks like the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial to the vibrant streets and historical sites, Tootsie soaks in the rich history and cultural splendor of the nation’s capital.

However, as Tootsie immerses himself in the city’s charms, an underlying question arises: Will Tootsie be able to make it back to Katie and Steven in time to share all the awe-inspiring experiences he encountered during his trip? The story builds anticipation as readers eagerly follow Tootsie’s journey and wonder about the outcome.

Traveling Tootsie” weaves together themes of adventure, imagination, and family bonds. It captures the spirit of wanderlust, encouraging children to dream of exploring new places and fostering a sense of excitement about the world beyond their immediate surroundings.


Final Verdict

Traveling Tootsie not only entertains but also instills a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for different cultures and places. It leaves readers inspired to embark on their own adventures and eagerly anticipate the tales that await them when they return. The book provides a wonderful opportunity for families to read together and share the excitement of discovering new places, discuss the stories, and plan future travels together. This shared experience creates a positive association with travel.



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