My Sister Wants an Elephant by Lynne Podrat: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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My Sister Wants an Elephant by Lynne Podrat: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Lynne Podrat!

My Sister Wants an Elephant is our latest Certified great Read!



My Sister Wants an ElephantRandy’s sister wants a WHAT?!? And his Mom isn’t flat-out saying no?!

My Sister Wants an Elephant is the true story of two siblings who team up together to convince their mother to let them own a couple of wild animals as pets, and a mother who just might be persuaded.

Full of humor and fun, this book is a good lesson in not giving up on your dreams, no matter how truly wild they may be!

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About the author

Lynne Podrat, author of My Sister Wants an ElephantLynne Podrat graduated from the Pennsylvania State University and then spent fifteen years in the Fashion Industry as an Assistant Buyer and Department Manager with Bloomingdales Department Store before returning to school to receive her educational degrees from Arcadia University and Gynedd Mercy. A retired educator and Administrator from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania School District, she taught English, literature, composition and history in elementary and secondary schools. She has secretly been a writer and poet her whole life, but has only recently chosen to share those talents with the world. Lynne now lives with her husband in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, spending winters dragon boating and summers hiking the Rockies in Vail, Colorado where her heart sings.

Lynne is n the proud recipient a Gold award for both books, Gold from the National Association of NonFiction Authors for Listen to Me and Gold from Literary Titans for My Sister Want an Elephant






Randy wants a llama, his younger sister wants an elephant for her birthday, and Mom has always wished for a tiger.

The animal-loving family in the story faces an interesting dilemma with their unique desires for wild animals.

Will they compromise on their dream, or will everyone be happy with Mom’s solution? Grab your copy from Amazon to find out!


My Sister Wants an Elephant” by Lynne Podrat is a heartwarming and delightful children’s story that showcases the determination and teamwork of Randy and Jerica as they strive to convince their mother to consider their unusual pet requests. While they may not get to have the animals directly in their backyard, it’s intriguing to hear that their mother finds a way to grant them access to llamas and an elephant, providing a compromise that allows the children to experience the joy of being close to these fascinating creatures.. The themes of persistence, compromise, and the bond between siblings are relatable and endearing. The book is based on a true story, adding an extra layer of authenticity and charm. We can imagine how readers, especially those with a fondness for elephants, would cheer for Randy and Jerica throughout their adventure.


The inclusion of beautiful color illustrations by Sarah Gledhill adds another layer of visual appeal to “My Sister Wants an Elephant.” Her illustrations bring the animals and the story to life, capturing the essence and beauty of the creatures in a captivating way. Given her family’s experience in Africa, it’s likely that her illustrations possess a unique authenticity and attention to detail, making the animal depictions even more engaging and enchanting for readers. The combination of a compelling story and visually stunning illustrations is sure to make the book a delightful reading experience for children and animal enthusiasts alike.

By showcasing the determination of Randy and Jerica in their quest for their chosen pets, the book inspires children to think creatively, explore alternative solutions, and maintain a positive outlook in pursuing their dreams. Such messages can have a lasting impact on children, encouraging them to embrace their passions and pursue their goals with enthusiasm.

Final Verdict

My Sister Wants an Elephant” by Lynne Podrat is a delightful story about siblings’ determination and a mother’s consideration of their unusual request. The book’s theme of not giving up on dreams, even if they seem wild, can be an inspiring and entertaining read.




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