If You Wake a Skunk by Carol Doeringer: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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If You Wake a Skunk by Carol Doeringer: #RWYK Certified Great Read – Book Review

Congratulations to Carol Doeringer!

If You Wake a Skunk is our latest Certified great Read!



If You Wake a Skunk by Carol Doeringer

If You Wake a Skunk by Carol DoeringerOh-oh! A skunk! What’s a pair of campers to do? This laugh-out-loud cautionary tale will have readers cringing as each page is turned. Tension builds as the campers creep closer and tempt fate, dismissing the skunk’s warnings. But skunks can be fakers. Does this one have the stink to stank the campers? Title includes back matter about skunk biology and behavior, and supports elementary NGSS units related to animal survival and adaptations.


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About the Author

Carol Doeringer

Carol Doeringer once lived where skunks loved to snack on grubs in her grass. She learned the little stinkers’ warning signals and never had a stenchy encounter. After a career in financial services, Carol turned her passion for wildlife into a blog, and she began writing nature-themed picture books. Carol lives in Allegan, Michigan surrounded by woodland critters. If You Wake a Skunk (2023) is her debut picture book.


Florence Weiser is a French illustrator currently based in beautiful, rainy Belgium. While growing up in Luxembourg, she always knew she wanted to draw and draw. She lives and works surrounded by nature, from which she gathers most of her inspiration.


Learn more about Carol, and her book at www.caroldoeringer.com



What Happens If You Wake a Skunk? Have you ever wondered?

Our latest certified great read has all the answers! The possibilities in this picture book will make kids chuckle as they ponder their options.

If You Wake a Skunk written by Carol Doeringer, and illustrated by Florence Weiser is an amusing tale that features simple rhyming text and gorgeous illustrations. This educational picture book for kids teaches kids facts about skunks and features carefully chosen full-color illustrations and words making it a treat to read aloud to young children or for beginning readers. If You Wake A Skunk will be released by Sleeping Bear Publishing in the spring of 2023. The book supports the elementary NGSS topics on animal survival and adaptability by including back matter regarding skunk biology and behavior.

The story is told from the point of view of a pair of campers. The tension increases as the campers intrude and take that risk, ignoring the skunk’s warnings. Skunks, however, have a reputation for being fake. Read the book to find out if this one has the potential to stink up the campers?

A perfect picture book for anyone who wants to learn more about Skunks!

Skunks are shown in their natural setting, and you can learn a lot of fascinating things and view some lovely images.
Your child will be engaged throughout thanks to the stunning pictures. The recommended age range for this book is 5 years old and up, but you can read it to younger kids and they’ll LOVE it too.


Final Verdict

This book is ideal for a “read-along” educational experience with your kids. Get your copy right away!




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