Meet “THE CIRCUS FISH” by Marla Huehmer

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Marla Huehmer – The Circus Fish


Welcome back, listeners!

In today’s extra special episode,  Debut author Marla Huehmer joins the Reading with Your Kids podcast to talk about her children’s picture book, The Circus Fish. Marla’s book is a sweet introduction to kids about believing in themselves and following their dreams.

In this juicy episode of the podcast, you’ll learn how this unique and artistic book was created, illustrated, and published. Come and be inspired by this heartfelt story as this wonderful little book will encourage your kids to shoot for the stars — and beyond!


More about Marla Huehmer

Marla Huehmer authorMarla Huehmer is the Author of Andrew The Blue-eared Puppy and The Circus Fish. She and her daughters hand-illustrated their books, which make them unique and therefore a must-have. Her stories are based on the personal experiences of watching her two little girls interact with one another. Prior to writing children’s books, she worked as a School Psychologist in the Northern California area and has over 15 years of experience working with children. Her writings are specialized in capturing the attention of young readers while providing them support through significant or difficult times.

Marla has held special guest author events for the past two and a half years at local libraries and bookstores. Her events provided special story and arts and crafts time to teaching children and parents/guardians how to write and illustrate their own books.  In 2018, her book, Andrew The Blue-eared Puppy was featured on Green Piñatas (Winners on the popular t.v show, Shark Tank) online monthly newsletter and was made available for purchasing. Marla was featured as Author of the week on Red Clover Reader and was a previous guest on Jedlie’s Reading With Your Kids Podcast.

She and her daughters are currently working on a new book called The Big Move and it will be made available by next Spring/Summer.


Finally, Where Can We Find Marla Huehmer Online?



Learn more about “The Circus Fish”

The Circus Fish Fun activity included in the book! Have you ever had a dream? This little fish did. Join her on a sea adventure and find out how she made her dreams come true. This book was written to inspire children to dream. Never doubt yourself, visualize your goal, and you will succeed. Best wishes from the author and illustrators of The Circus Fish.


Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy of The Circus Fish today!


In this episode, you’ll hear

  • Introduction to Marla Huehmer, and her new children’s book “The Circus Fish
  • What inspired her to write this book, and what the book is all about?
  • Where did she get the idea to create this book with her kids?
  • Marla provided us with some super interesting insights about the illustrations of her book that will surprise you
  • She also shares her insights on the benefits of reading with  your kids at an early age
  • Teaching kid about the Importance of Dreams and Aspirations
  • What is Marla currently working on, a message they would like to share with their readers and much more.


A big thank you to Marla for joining us and for sharing her wonderful story with us!


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