Environment: A World of Change

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Environment: A World of Change

Book by  Dona Herweck Rice

Review by Fatima Khan, Associate Producer, ReadingWithYourKids.com

The land, water, and air on our planet are always changing!

Environment Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of respecting and doing your bit for the environment. Why not walk to work rather than driving, or take steps to reduce your carbon footprint in other ways?

We truly believe in reading children’s books to kids every night as is important, and helps teach children important life lessons, including about the Environment. On the occasion of the World Environment Day which occurs on 5 June every year, we would like to take an opportunity to review this wonderful book ” Environment: A World of Change” by Dona Herweck Rice.

Environment: A World of Change teaches young children about the water cycle, the rock cycle, volcanoes and earthquakes, fires and floods, adaptation, and more about our environment. It’s beautifully written, beautifully illustrated picture book. It explains how our planet earth is always changing and its a part of our life. It beautifully explains that “Change is all around us. how the land moves and shakes, Day always changes into night, People change, too, as they grow older. Change is one thing we can always count on!”This book has a simple language for young kids and is a good resource for explaining the life cycle to young children.  It explains that dying is a part of life and death is not the end of the story. The cycle of life, death , and new life is called the circle of life.  This book also touches on how human activity harms the environment as we are polluting the land, water, and air. And as our population is growing, it is also effecting animals and plants as we are taking over there homes and they have nowhere else to go. Some of them are even in the danger of not surviving and that the future of the planet depends on humans. Many types of plants and animals that used to live on earth are now extinct and the most famous example of this is Dinosaurs.

I like the instructions given at the end of the book for an engaging science activity to help show your child the fun side of learning science. In this experiment kids can plant some seeds to see how living things change.  It encourages them to carefully observe and journal about the changes they see. A helpful glossary and index are also included for additional support.

I love this book! This book is enjoyable and educational for children and adults alike. It introduces kids to life cycle changes and also gives an important message of caring for the planet, including plants and animals that are all important teachable lessons for our children.

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