Countdown Til Mommy Comes Home

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Countdown Til Mommy Comes Home

Reading With Your kids Podcast Featuring Kristin Ayyar

It’s hard work being a parent—even with a supportive co-parent. And without one, it kind of feels like Mission Impossible, except it’s not impossible. All over the world, millions of parents are doing their best to fill two pairs of shoes and to field the questions of inquisitive children who want to know where their other parent is. In this episode of Reading with your kids podcast, we are joined by Kristin Ayyar, author of a brilliant book “Countdown till Mommy Comes Home” that combines the art of storytelling and illustrations to offer ideas and insights on how to survive the painful period of waiting for a parent.

Kristin Ayyar is the mother of three wonderful children, an avid volunteer in her community, and was an Air Force spouse for 24 years. Countdown ’til Daddy Comes Home and Countdown ’til Mommy Comes Home are books based on her family’s experiences and is filled with rituals that she and her children followed when her husband travelled the globe or was deployed overseas serving our nation.

Countdown ‘til Mommy Comes Home is the story of a young boy waiting for his mommy to come home from a trip. To make their separation easier, his family creates rituals to keep each other connected and make the countdown fly by. Inspired by her family’s experiences, Kristin Ayyar shares how her Air Force family coped with the separations that were a part of everyday life. This heartwarming and inspiring storybook helps children ages 2-7 thrive despite a parent’s lengthy absence.

Tune in as Kristin talks about writing this book from her own experience,  her personal experience with military deployments and separations & her favourite way to keep in touch as a family during the service member’s absence.

Listen as she also talks about four suggestions present at the back of her book for counting down until a parent returns. She also provides several ideas for helping to keep track of the time. It’s like an Advent calendar counting down to someone’s return. Be sure to Listen to this episode to know how to deal with Parental absences & make time go by quickly! 

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