WUBLWorld: Helping Parents Hydrate and Educate their Children!

WUBLWorld: Helping Parents Hydrate and Educate their Children! post thumbnail image

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In Conversation with Leigh Tilley & Mark Hainy, Co-founders of WUBLWorld!

Hey there! Thank you for joining us on this edition of the Reading With Your Kids podcast!

What would be good if there was a healthy & fun drink for children that had no sugar, no nasties, wasn’t in a single-use plastic bottle BUT could make kids smile & keep them hydrated. WUBLWorld might be the solution you’ve been looking for!

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Leigh Tilley and Mark Hainy, co-founders of WUBL World! WUBL Water: Spring Water just for Kids. They are driven by the vision ‘every child healthy’, so they created a spring water (WUBLWater) just for children and have built an entire brand experience around this to make health and hydration awareness fun and competitive.

Leigh & Mark are joining us to spread the WUBLWater fun and healthy hydration message to kids and parents!


Mark & Leigh, co-founders of WUBL

Tune in as Leigh & Mark talk about Wubl World and why they are doing what they are doing. This episode is full of great insights. We’re so glad to bring these wonderful guests to all our listeners and we hope you’ll check out their product in the future!


Here’s more information about WUBL Water: Spring Water just for Kids

WUBL Water: Spring Water just for KidsWUBL Water is still spring water that both kids and parents want, from an independent company with a vision for ‘every child healthy’. Children love WUBL Water’s funky, squidgy, hand-sized packaging and the wonderfully, watery WUBL characters, while mums and dads love the fact that it’s natural, still, spring water from Somerset and nothing else. No sugar, no flavorings, no nasties, no fizz. WUBL Water is an awesome way to encourage kids to hydrate every day and to blow a few bubbles too! Kids can also go and play on the exclusive online edutainment platform https://WUBL.World


In this episode, you’ll find out

  • What is WUBL?
  • Why focus so much energy on under-fives?
  • How will WUBL as a brand bring families together?
  • Their first story on https://wubl.world  – ‘Glop & the Hoops’
  • Will they be creating more WUBL story books?
  • Why put WUBLWater into a box/carton and not a bottle?
  • Why drinking water is the way to go and how beneficial it is for the kids’ health.
  • What are they currently working on and where can people find WUBLWorld online?


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Leigh & Mark. We wish you all the best with WUBLWorld!


Where can you find WUBLWorld on the internet?

Here is the link to WUBLWorld, online space for under fives and their parents – https://wubl.world/

A place for all their videos: http://youtube.wubl.world

Follow them on Instagram  and Twitter

Find them on Amazon

Connect with them on Facebook, where we push out daily content about WUBL as they grow brand and share lots of fun stuff.


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