RWYK Author Interview: Dr. Jaina Thatch on “Becoming Your Own Superhero”

Meet Dr. Jaina Thatch, physical therapist and the author of the new children’s book, My Super Hero Mind

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Spider-Man, Batman, The Avengers: When we hear these names, it conjures up images of what a superhero looks like.

But did you know that all of us have our own superhero qualities as well?

You might find yourself wondering “How can I activate my powers?”

Well, thanks to a new children’s book, inspired by a little girl in Tampa, you will remember that you always had the power inside of you all along, that you can connect your heart and mind and become your own superhero.

Joining us on today’s edition of the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to share her inspiring story and that of her daughter, Isla, is Dr. Jaina Thatch, physical therapist and the author of the new children’s book, My Super Hero Mind (now available on, Barnes & Noble, and on


Connect with Dr. Jaina Thatch:

  • Official Website:
  • Facebook: @MySuperHeroMind
  • Instagram: @JainaThatch
  • Twitter: @ThatchJaina




Interview Talking Points & Guided Questions:

  • You are a physical therapist and a mom of boys. Definitely a rewarding life for you and your husband. How did your world change when Isla came into the world? Talk about the bond that you two share.
  • You always had a passion for writing, but it was not until you and Isla shared a special moment in time, that you realized you needed to take the next step: How did Isla inspire you to write your new book? And how did she help along the way as the book came to life?
  • With this being your first children’s book (and no doubt your last), what were some of the key things that you learned along the way, both about yourself and the publishing process?
  • The message of self-love, inner confidence, and the importance of acknowledging your mind as your most powerful asset: Why is this message so important to you to share with girls and young women, especially at the point in time?
  • Getting to the core of our conversation today: How can we, as parents and caregivers of children, learn to think and act like superheroes ourselves and inspire our kids to do the same?
  • What have been some of the highlights and great feedback that you have received from children around the world who have read My Super Hero Mind?
  • You are beginning to share this important message with schools in Tampa: What does this mean to you, knowing that you are helping to give back and inspire children in their next steps, while also moving forward in your own?
  • What would you like to share with those who are listening who may feel challenged to find their voice and remember their gifts?
  • What do you hope children, parents, and families take away from your story and from My Super Hero Mind?




Thank you, Jaina Thatch, for sharing your & Isla’s inspiring stories and to be a part of our podcast!


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