God Always Hears: A Rhyming Picture Book by Kelly Grettler

Reading with Your Kids Thanksgiving Special Episode with Kelly Grettler, author of God Always Hears

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Today on the Reading with Your Kis podcast, we’re ELATED to feature a beautiful book with an amazing message that will gently help kids with their fears of facing a hospital stay. God Always Hears written by Kelly Grettler and illustrated by Solomea Kalinichenko. Kelly is joining us to celebrate her book and to tell us that God does always hear our prayers and knowing that helps comfort a worried mind.

Facing a big Hospital Stay, a child is able to find peace in the midst of her fear through the incredible power of prayer. Written on the heels of a health scare of my own, God Always Hears touches on the subject of illness, and hospitals, and bravery, and faith, and having a sense of courage and peace through it all.


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God Always Hears by Kelly GrettlerGod Always Hears touches on the subject of illness, and hospitals, and bravery, and faith, and having a sense of courage and peace through it all.

Let’s face it, hospitals can be scary.  The loss of control over what’s happening around us can be overwhelming at any age.  If we can’t control what we’re facing, we can at least control how we react to, and move through it.

*This book will give the reader a sense of not only what to expect when facing a diagnosis, surgery & recovery, but also a sense of calm as they navigate this unfamiliar journey. 

Kelly Grettler’s peaceful, poetic prose is paired up with Solomea Kalinichenko’s timeless, angelic illustrations and the result is simply stunning.


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Interview Talking Points & Guided Questions:

  • Tell us about the story of God Always Hears and what inspired you to write this book for kids?
  • What have been some of the highlights and great feedback that you have received from children around the world who have read God Always Hears?
  • What kind of role did your faith play in facing a diagnosis, surgery & recovery?
  • What do you hope children, parents, and families take away from your story and from your book?
  • Are you working on anything at the moment and can you tell us about it?



A big thank you to Kelly Grettler for joining us and for sharing her great insights with our listeners!


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