Exploring the Continents Series by Ricky Shetty

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Reading With Your Kids Podcast Starring Ricky Shetty(Daddy Blogger)

Hello, and welcome to Reading with your kids podcast!

We are beyond excited to chat with author & Canadian Travel  Blogger Ricky Shetty. Ricky is joining us to talk about his travel experiences with his family and his new children’s book series “Exploring the Continents Series”.

Listen as Ricky shares his insights on being a daddy blogger and digital nomad, a podcaster and a YouTuber. Ricky has authored five books and he is very excited to talk about his latest travel book series for kids. We love, Love, LOVE Exploring the Continents Series & we know you are going to love this interview. Be sure to tune in!


Exploring the Continents: A Family’s Journey to Visit Every Single Country in the World

EXPLORING THE CONTINENTS by Ricky ShettyEXPLORING THE CONTINENTS is a 7 part Kid’s Book Series focused on inspiring parents to do more international travel with their kids. The first book is about visiting every country in South America and features Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay. The book covers sightseeing, food, animals, where to stay, how to travel around, how to meet locals, and much more. These books are meant to be read aloud to your kids with creative and fun illustrations and Trivia Time activities to get your children to actively participate. Stay tuned for follow-up books in this series including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Antartica.




About Ricky Shetty

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In this Interview, we discuss

  • Ricky’s background and travel experiences
  • How did Fatherhood change his life?
  • When and how did Ricky discover his passion for travel?
  • How does he manage to travel with his family and how do they manage the traveling expenses?
  • How many countries has he traveled with his family so far and what are their travel goals as a family?
  • Some of the challenges they face while traveling with the young kids and how do they overcome it?
  • The reason for starting his website Daddy Blogger
  • The reason for writing his Exploring the Continents Series for kids
  • Tips & tricks for families who aspire to travel around the world.


A huge thank you to Ricky Shetty for joining us and for sharing his story and passion with us!


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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day😆

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